Thursday, March 05, 2015

Ribs, Grills and Combo @ Chicago Ribs


Chicago Ribs is no stranger to anyone, and definitely not a newbie on my blog either
(Previous posts here and here)

It has indeed been quite a while since my last visit to any of the Chicago Ribs outlet, but recently a return visit brought back good old memories, enticing the taste buds to lead to further cravings.
Maybe it's me, or maybe it's the tempting tastes after such a long time that piqued our appetites in returning again and the tastes may have even improved; but whatever the reason is, it is more than enough to keep me returning to satisfy the cravings for my favorites.

The City of Ribs and Steak is here to serve to fulfill cravings for pork ribs, but yours truly is more interested in their other menu (sorry Chicago Ribs, I am one outlying customer).

Their signature Original BBQ Pork Ribs -Full Rack (MYR54.90) is the to-go-to for pork ribs lovers.


Luscious pork ribs are barbecued to perfection (or almost), and the secret ingredient to stimulating that fiery appetite for more, according to Chicago Ribs, is that light shot of whiskey in their recipe.
Full rack would serve more to gratify that craving, though small eaters could also opt for the half rack.

Choose from two sides to complement and complete that main.



Grilled Norwegian Salmon (MYR43.90) is another good old favorite, and is recommended on the menu too.


I am picky on the way my salmon steak; not too well done yet must maintain that balance between the grill and moist of the fillet. Medium rare would probably say it, but there is just that hint of perfection I always look for in all my servings of salmon and somehow they just nailed it here.
It's annoying, because it makes me crave more for salmon, and a good grilled Norwegian one too!
On the other hand, I say good job for making to my list of favorite salmon steaks :)

Again, feel free to choose from two side servings to accompany that poor lonely main.


For small eaters, half-rack of the pork ribs would be a good option, or if you are unable to decide and you just want the best of both worlds (trust me, you will want to try that salmon!), the following combo would be a considerably good alternative too.

Famous Pork Ribs and Grilled Salmon (MYR49.90)


One can hit two birds with one order; by enjoying both the ribs and the salmon at the same time, not to mention at an attractive package price.
However, portions are slightly smaller, and the salmon fillet is not as premium as the Norwegian salmon ala carte (understandably so) - also comes at a smaller fillet size.
The half rack is definitely, well, half the size, so if you desperately need to have ribs all in your face and tummy, then go for the full version.



This is nice though, for sharing and when one wants to enjoy different flavors or options and simply cannot decide (especially for people like me).
Thank God for the creation of combos!


Besides the ribs and the salmon, or even combo, another of my new found favorite is this
Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms (MYR19.90)


We are non alcohol drinkers; but this beer batter coating the crisp mushrooms just made us drunk and lust for it even more after every bite.
It is simply irresistible and the ranch dressing just made it every bit better.


Start with this before the meal, or save it by the side for more nibbles.
You won't want to finish it too soon! ;-)

Their drinks menu offer a wide variety; from cocktails to mojitos, and even bottomless (refillable) beverages.
Choose from a variety of soft drinks (MYR6.90) or cordial juices of orange, lime, cranberry at MYR8.90 and one can refill with either any of the flavor of juice.
It is indeed a worth for value drink though I won't encourage too much of sweet drinks, for health's sake ;-)


It is crowded on weekends, which goes to show the base of ardent fans of ribs and western food.


The City of Ribs and Steak, definitely does well in both and even in grilling their seafood and mushrooms too~


  1. I know the meat is supposed to be the star attraction but I keep looking at that beautiful piece of corn. :-)

    1. LOL Yum List, I think we're both on the eccentric side, I am in for the salmon and I'm in a restaurant famous for ribs! :-P
      Oh, I may not be helping, but I have to say that the corn was awesome along with the boiled broccoli and carrots which were just so delicious! :-D