Thursday, March 12, 2015

It is that Fish-y Craving this Week~


It is just another craving that hit me this week; as I dream of the luscious thick fillets grazed by the crispy sides from frying and the dense yet tangy texture of the fish paste stuffed in uniform shapes floating in the heat of the flavorful soup.


A choice of the light creamy soup filled sparingly by liquid milk; maintaining that balance between both the milky taste and the natural goodness from the assortment of vegetables added to enhance the flavor of the soup,  or enjoy the clear soup boldly drenched in the appetizing tastes from the raw ingredients.


Pickled vegetables, sliced ginger and boiled tomatoes are some of the ingredients responsible in making up the flavorsome soup; creating that irresistible and relishing taste with every mouthful.
If you fancy more greens, sprinkle a handful (or maybe more) of the finely chopped and flittering hollow rings of spring onions atop the vermicelli noodles and the soup.

The wholesome fusion in the soup complements the juicy fillets or handmade fish pastes to perfection, along with the lightly filling portion of rice vermicelli noodles; intertwining the fishy tastes from both fillets and dense paste molds with the tantalizing blend of sweet, sour, salty and fresh crisp taste of fresh produce.


One can opt for the fish fillets; and be prepared for an adventurous yet satisfying fill with the spare time to gnaw through the succulent slab of fleshy fish meat and at the same time, extracting carefully the intersecting fish bones buried in the flesh. It will not be hard to miss as they are bound to emerge at almost every bite, and a little more patience is required but the hearty tastes promised by the juicy fillets will make it worth the painstaking moments spent on the bones.


For a less adventurous and fuss-free ride, or simply because you want to, one can also opt for the fish paste densely filled with the well-grounded mixture yet maintaining that fishy flavors in that lump of mold uniformly made to one size.


Oh, did I mention the generous servings of spinach; yes, Popeye's favorite vegetable apparently makes its signature appearance here too, are just simply to lust for.

More have been added to the menu; and one can even opt for steamed versions of the fish fillets, or have prawns and a variety of seafood for their dining pleasure.

I still prefer the fish; for it is what they were originally known for anyway.


Don’t forget the homemade sambal paste with that light squeeze of lime; even non-spicy food lovers like me was hooked on that exotic, and exciting blend as it touches the tip of my tongue.
They are definitely generous about this, and you can request for more without additional charge (though not overly so) to spice up your bowl of fish noodles a little more.

Mmmm….for some reason, I am just conjuring images of these as they haunt my mind and when it comes to fish noodles, with the description above, it is the famous Woo Pin Fish noodles that I am talking about.

For a bowl of the hearty soup and their fishy fillets or paste; I will take them all.


*Prices have increased since, and they now cost MYR8.50 per bowl at time of posting.

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  1. Seems to be a filling bowl. I'd like a big squeeze of lime on top.