Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!~

Every year, on my birthday eve, I will try to stay awake to do my own silent countdown to my birthday...yeah, sounds nutty right?:p
Anyway, most of my friends kinda find it fun to call or text me birthday messages the minute the time struck 12 and so, it became something that I looked forward to:D

This year, I felt slightly tired and sleepy (must be the load of work recently that finally took its toil on me:p) and I went to sleep about 9.30p.m.
However, to my surprise, I received a call and my DearDear was at my house at midnight and he brought me a...
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Birthday Cake!!!:D

A cute little Blueberry cake; so tiny right? Coz it's to feed 2-4 people (including my housemates:)
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I looked half-awake but really hyper!!!:D
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My housemates came home late and they too, wished me a Happy Birthday:D

Thanks so much for this wonderful surprise!! (although you have done it last year:) but I still love it!!!:)


  1. happies bday gal!

  2. Happy birthday sweetie!

  3. 10 jan? u share same birthday with my son :) too late to wish u, but still, have a good YEAR.