Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Food Loft

The popular food joint in Gurney Plaza is the Food Loft located on the 3rd Floor; above Toys R Us.
Most people prefer to come here due to variety of choices offered and also the spectacular view of the sea (not-so spectacular when it's low tide).

Personally, I find the view and the environment are the only interesting factors as I simply do not find anything great in their food (or perhaps I am too picky)
A friend of mine from KL who was here compared Food Loft to Marche in The Curve.
For me, I came here a couple of times and the food that attracts me are simply the following Food-Loft-comfort food.
Jumbo Ice Kacang for RM5.90
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There's simply so much of red beans, grass jelly, cendol, sweet corn and even attap chee that I was just so happy:)
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Mind you ladies, you may need to share as it is called Jumbo for a reason:)
The size is definitely bigger and priced higher than the mixed fruits ice-kacang at the food court downstairs.
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As for the main course, I liked this; Snow and Salmon(RM15.90)
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It was 2 different fish and cooked in different styles on the same plate as well.
I liked the soft snow fish fillet and the crunchy salmon fillet as you chew on them.
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Perhaps due to my personal picky eats, I am more limited in my choice of selection.
But just for the benefit of your information, they serve Thai, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Western.
Try out this happening food outlet in Penang uptown if you enjoy variety and also great view!;)


  1. snow fish = cod ?

    Happy CNY ~ ^_^

  2. happies chinese new year!!
    Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

  3. The ABC has so much liu! Gong Xi Fa Chai to you!

  4. Heard of this place b4.

    Happy CNY btw!

  5. well its ok to be picky..after all ur blog is titled after that!

  6. Wow, the jumbo ice kacang really looks delicious, really desperate to have a bowl now!

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to you!

  7. Anonymous5:51 PM

    I have a soft spot for ice-kachang.
    Lovvvve those red beans....*wink*

    Enjoy the rest of the CNY...!

  8. wow.. all the food looks great!
    I love the ABC with lotsa ingredients!

  9. gong hei fatt choiiiiiiii~ Snow and Salmon? i tot it suppose to be in white? hahax but the grave look tasty! slurp!

  10. ling239, nopes...dun think it's cod fish, it's a different type of snow fish. Something like the Long John Silver's kind of fish:D

    yammylicious, same to you!! And yea, the gravy is tasty:D

    wmv, trust me....there's a reason why it's Jumbo!:p

    jason, have you been there to try it out?

    joe, hehehe....I quite agree!!

    sugarbean, I love it tooo!!:D

    pawpaw, yups...I love red beans too!!:D

    christine, yups...these are my fave comfort food here in Food Loft!:D

    To ALL, HAPPY CNY to you too!!

  11. Look at that heaps of topping in the ice kacang. I have not had ice kacang for more than 10 yrs, I think. I remember my searching for the attap seeds wheneve I eat ice kacang!

  12. tigerfish, I am so with you on the attap seeds!! I love those too!!!:D