Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simple home tastes @ Siang Pin

I am seriously lagging behind for this food blog recently; and I must apologize.
My photos are all taking such a long time to upload that I lose the motivation to upload and without the photos, I can't update the food blog, right?

Anyway, I do have tons of photos and places to post on and one of them is this nice and homey restaurant located in Tg Bungah.
Siang Pin Seafood Restaurant is located near the traffic light junction on your left slightly after the Penang Swimming Club.
In fact, it is the same row of shophouses where you can see Maxim's Cake house from the main road.

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What's so special about this place and what makes them so different from other Tai Chow places?
Actually, not much but the cooking style and tastes kinda suit me and it is one of my favorite place to cure that Tai Chow or home-cooked dishes craving (when I am not too tired to travel all the way up to Tg Bungah that is =)

Fish fillet with spring Onions and ginger (RM14)
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Plain and simple but I just love the fish fillets!
However, I do feel that the taste is inconsistent sometimes based on the number of visits I have made to this place.
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On the whole, I still like it; I am always a fan of fish fillets and the fish fillets used tastes similar to that of the threadfin's texture. (one of my favorite=)

Stir-fry spinach with garlic (RM5)
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This is like my must-order each time I am here that I don't recall that I have ordered anything other than this.
Seriously, beats me how hard it is to find spinach here in Penang. Most of the Tai Chow offer limited varieties of vegetables and spinach is never on the list.
I love makes you strong, right, as Popeye always say =)

Claypot beancurd (RM5)
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The beancurd here is soft and smooth. It's slightly fried on the outside, but still, you can taste the silky curd inside, yumz!

Needless to say, I always order this as well, oh, and the steaming hot beancurd in the claypot is a sure winner on rainy days! =)
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Mantis prawns cooked the Kam Heong style (RM12)
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Seriously, I rarely try any other style besides the same old Kung Pow style; mainly because I like Kung Pow style and I felt it's best cooked that way for my tastes.
This Kam Heong was not too bad either, but it was a little bit too oily and spicy for my taste =P
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The mantis prawns are slightly larger than the usual small ones and were quite fresh and crunchy!

Since I like both the claypot beancurd and the fish fillets so much, they also have the fish fillets in claypot and guess what, it comes with the nice beancurds as well!
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This combo is unique, and I get to satisfy both cravings at the same time
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Overall, not a bad place for some home cooked dishes once in a while, what say you? =)


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