Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Green or Golden Kiwi?

Just taking a break from the normal food posts; and decided to talk about something healthy.

I love fruits and vegetables; almost ALL fruits and vegetables are on my pickyeater's list (although I can't deny there is also a list of them which are not, but we will talk about those later)

There is a list of fruits which are assorted in their colors, or varied in their texture but they came from the same family.
The following is extracted from the helpful Wikipedia:
Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) is a fruit. It has an oval shape, and is green on the inside with small black seeds that are edible. The kiwi has furry brown skin that is edible but is usually removed. The skin is relatively thin. The kiwi is native to South China.

The fruit was named in 1959 after the kiwi, a bird and symbol of New Zealand. Before that, its English name was Chinese gooseberry.

The kiwifruit is healthy and contains many vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Kiwis have more vitamin C than an equivalent amount of orange.[needs proving]

There are different types of kiwifruit. The main types are hayward (the most common green kiwifruit), chico, saanichton 12, and golden kiwifruit. Golden kiwifruit is sweeter than normal green kiwifruit. Golden kiwifruit was invented by grafting and cross-pollinating different types of kiwifruit.

I LOVE Kiwis; as much as I love berries (any berries!), and I just think I love both the green and the golden ones equally although I know most people prefer the golden ones because it's sweeter and more fragrant?

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How about you?
Are you the golden or the green kiwi fan? =)


  1. I am a golden kiwi fan! :)

  2. i love the green for its sourish and i love the golden one for its sweetness :)

    so, i love both

  3. the gold one is abt double the price of a green one...
    i prefer the golden one, because the green one sometimes cut tongue :(

  4. BBO, how about the green one? =P

  5. Ivy, same here!~ *cheers*

  6. ling239, ohhh, you gotta be careful. You should wait for the green kiwi to be softer before you eat it, it's not so prickly then =)

  7. not a kiwi fan at all!!! hehe ..