Sunday, June 21, 2009

New frenzy @ Island Red Cafe, Pulau Tikus

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Pulau Tikus became the new second home to the Island Red Cafe; which recently opened its doors to the residents here.

Proudly displaying the flowers and the red and white balloons (the color for this cafe), the cafe has definitely caught the attention of many when they chose the strategic location across Midlands One Stop Shopping Centre.

When I walked into the cafe after making my way through those balloons and flowers, I found myself in a familiar environment which strangely reminds me of Old Town Kopitiam!
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Frankly, based on the interior of the place, I felt that there was no sense of identity of this cafe by itself.
For one, there were marble kopitiam tables in the middle, then on your left, you will see those high benches like those in bistros, and to your right, there are cosy chairs just like that of Starbucks and Coffee Bean.
I felt confused just looking at the interior; and moreover, I was informed that their feng shui consultant doesn't seem to tell them that it is not right to put tables right in the middle section of the cafe facing the entrance.

Anyway, after that deja vu feeling of walking into Old Town Kopitiam, I was seated at the red chairs on the right side of the cafe.

Orange Carrot Juice(RM3.60) and Island Milk Tea (RM2.30)
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Both are equally as much light as the other is.
The 100% freshly squeezed juice must have been mixed with 1/2 glass of water/ice cubes, with probably a light hint of carrot and the strong taste of the small sour orange on top of the glass.
The Island Milk Tea did not fare any better; as it was more watery than milky.

Tomyam Seafood with Rice Vermicelli (RM7.90)
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When I ordered this, I specifically told the waiter that my choice is of rice vermicelli, and after that he came running back to my table after 5 minutes, asking me, "You want Rice Vermicelli, right?"
Okay, that's good that they are making sure they got the right order, but didn't they just wrote it down?

Secondly, I waited for more than 20 minutes for this bowl of Tomyam Meehoon soup; which practically had only 3 slices of squid, 2 fresh prawns and a piece of chicken meat, with 1 snow pea, 2 florets of cauliflower and 2 tomatoes in it.
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To make matters worse, I was even served later than the table next to me who only came after I have made my order.
They sat down 5 minutes after my waiter walked away, and they got their food 10 minutes ahead of me!!
Now, that's not something tolerable, isn't there a sequential ordering system in place?

Back to the tomyam seafood, the soup was not too bad at the first few sips, and it got quite weird after that.
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Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing
At least, the prawns were half-peeled for my convenience.

Seafood Spaghetti (RM10.80)
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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this plate of "Seafood" spaghetti which was served with chicken patti sauce!
The 'Seafood'?
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Oh, the 5 half-peeled prawns and 2 slices of squid were it!
For RM10.80, it was totally not worth it and the taste, is definitely not even up to it.

To wrap it all up, the total bill was RM27.05, with the service and tax charges included.
Erm...what kind of service, I even had to open and close the door myself when I left the cafe!

I don't think I was the only one who complained about the service, as there was another table next to mine who beckoned to the waiter/waitresses so many times due to the dissatisfaction with the food served.

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Maybe they're new, and most of the things are still not in place?
But for me, I don't think it is my cup of tea...or milk tea


  1. there is one branch opening in sunway... wonder if it's that bad too..

  2. Actually, Island Red Cafe is not really out to make a living out of their actual Cafe, but more towards their MLM system - or so I heard. Coz their sole purpose is to sell their memberships to as many people as possible and these 'members' can use their card to dine at any Island Red Cafes using a credit system.

    Now that would've explained the reason for their poor service and food quality.

  3. I tried their Nasi Lemak before...
    abit pricey but is tasty de...

  4. where's the tikus in pulau tikus? hehe

  5. Their coffee and tea sucks .... even mamak taste better.

  6. Oooo Kaiba, then you'd better think twice!! :p

  7. Cheryl, oh is that so? Well, then that really explains....but still, once you are in service line, I think there should be a basic mindset to serve at least!!

  8. Modo, I heard from the ladies sitting at the table next to mine who have been complaining about all their food, but they also said the Nasi Lemak is the only one which passed...LOL! :-)

  9. cumi&ciki, swallowed by the cats in Lorong Kucing there...hahaha!!! :D

  10. FoodPOI, I totally agree!!!!

  11. haha i got lots to complain as well!!!

  12. Duckie, when's your turn? I am checking your blog each day now:p

  13. Tomyam weird? What is weird there? I don't like the food at island red at all.

  14. Penang Tionghua6:46 AM

    For information on positioning of Island Red Café, visit the website below:

  15. Penang Tionghua11:52 PM

    Island Red Cafe (IRC) Franchise has the following outlets in Penang:

    1) Krystal Point, Bayan Baru
    2) Raja Uda, Butterworth
    3) Bandar Perda, Bukit Mertajam
    4) Pan Palace, Taman Lip Sin
    5) Pulau Tikus, Opp Midland 1-Stop
    6) Gurney Hotel Mall - Opening Jul/Aug 2009

    Pulau Tikus which opened on 19 June 2009 has become the 6th Home of IRC in Penang.

    IRC Pulau Tikus is the largest Cafe Outlet in the State of Penang.

    Good tastes or bad depend on the connoisseurs like the nursery rhymes below:

    Some like it Hot
    Some Like it Cold
    Some like it in the pot, 7 days old

    One driving point being:

    Makan Pun Dapat Duit!

    Goto the link below for information on the Strategies in Positioning Island Red Cafe:

  16. Penang Tionghua11:53 PM

    sorry, should be the 5th Home of IRC in the State of Penang

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