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Meals made more affordable at Eld’s 22 Pasta & Grill


Set lunches and dinners, waived GST and service tax charges along with reasonably priced food and beverages are the main marketing tools for this quaint little diner-style restaurant located on the 5th floor of one of Penang’s upscale and most happening shopping mall, Gurney Paragon.

It is a wise move, with such offering to attract the budget-savvy local folks and even tourists especially with the recent changes in the nation’s economy.
Additional taxes imposed are additional deduction from one’s monthly allowance accumulatively and this could be a burden for those in the lower and medium income earners, who are already faced with the rising costs of living. It is just a perplexing situation when the existing income or earning is not in the growth quadrant but the costs of the basic necessities and amenities take the opposite direction and pose that additional stress in the financial management.
Dining out is now a luxury more than ever, especially for those with multiple headcounts in the families depending on sole breadwinners and even for the singles who would need to manage their living expenses.

Eld’s 22 is quick to hop onto the bandwagon to seize the attention of the population waning in the current situation and offering that glimmer of hope to enjoy that option to dine out while keeping a conscious tab on their expenses.
It is an initiative much welcomed by many, I am sure as their weekend outings with families and friends need not be compromised with the many attractive courses offered by Eld’s 22 menu.

I was drawn to their advertising and being a visitor to the mall, I have often passed by the place though I have never really tried any of their offerings.
Well, mainly because I am usually a comfort diner and I tend to stick to my own preferred places and then there’s just that usual routine craving that I simply must satisfy.
On days when I am adventurous and wanting something different, that’s where you spot posts like these much to the delight of the places I decided to try.

Eld’s 22 Pasta and Grill just happened on one of my weekends in Gurney Paragon and I was quite impressed with the attentive servers who quickly ushered me to my table in no time and took my orders.
That is one important criterion to capture a new customer’s heart, I must say and I was pleasantly surprised though happy about it at the same time.

I was early but business was brisk and it did not take long for the place to be filled with the ardent weekend crowd of lunch hunters while on their shopping spree. It is proof of the popularity of the place as a choice for lunch among the locals; and the crowd comprises of a combination of both the young, old, and even families.
That is what reasonable costs and waivers do to people. It is all about the dollars and cents.

Set Lunches are available on weekends, unlike most restaurants or cafes and that is another winning factor.

The set lunches are designed especially for the sets available on a separate menu, and are priced at a reasonable range from MYR15.00 onwards, inclusive of a soup, drink and dessert.


Grilled Saba Fish with Tropicana Salsa Set Lunch (MYR18.90)


I was a little disappointed with the portion though I know there is not much to ask for when it is a set to begin with. I was expecting the portion to be petite and well, it was as expected.
For the price and the overall package of the set, I guess it is reasonably designed?
I just could not help comparing to my other set lunch which caught me off guard at Blackwood, but then again, they are two different entities. Still…


The Saba, pretty much mackerel, was quite minute in its size served along with thin angel hair spaghetti spruced up with the Tropicana salsa sauce.
It would be a sufficient portion for a decisive and conscious eater definitely, but I would recommend ala carte orders or additional side dishes if one is on the higher metabolism side.

Taste wise, the saba was done quite well, depending on one’s taste, but it was not too bad for me.
I don’t usually order the saba fish but this was quite appetizing, though it was a tad bit oily as well.
The Tropicana salsa added flavor (and colors) to this dish, and just created that wholesome balance of the tastes with its exciting and mildly exotic combination of sweet and sour in just that appropriate amount to spice up the plain grill of the fish packed with nutrients and the ordinary spaghetti.



The drink which accompanied the set came in the form of a glass of cordial fruit punch.


The soup of the day, is their Homemade Pumpkin Soup with Dried Shrimps (priced at MYR7.80 ala carte)


Grilled Seasonal Fish with Honey Mustard Sauce was ordered ala carte (MYR17.80)


Served with purple sweet potatoes, carrots, pickles, roast tomatoes and nachos chips, this was quite pleasant to taste, in my opinion.


Portion was average but it was more than enough for me, and it was not too bad where the flesh of the fish was maintained in its tenderness and the honey mustard sauce, of course, honey mustard sauce is always a good complement to almost everything.

17407023679_a005e234c9_o_Fotor 17405536318_e8de1c35cc_o_Fotor

Dessert for the set lunch is a scoop of ice-cream presented nicely on a plate, and I must say, this is an appreciated effort for I have seen places where the dessert is just a slab on the plate, since it is just part of the set.


The attitude is set right by Eld’s 22 in their presentation of their set meals, and I applaud that.

My first impression of Eld’s 22 was not too bad and their menu does attract me with a few things that I would love to try, maybe on my next visit, hopefully?

Now, if I can step out of my comfort zone more often when it comes to eating….

For more information, check out their Facebook Page here

163D-Level 5-16, 18 & 19, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, Pulau Pinang

All the experiences are based on my personal tastes and are in no way representing the general.
This is not a sponsored post by the restaurant, and is purely based on my personal opinions.

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