Thursday, May 14, 2015

More than just coffee at Black Canyon Coffee

Black Canyon Coffee is a place easily mistaken for one that serves coffee and tea along with light snacks as the name suggests at a glance as one takes a walk down the outer boulevard where it is located in Gurney Plaza.
There is no way one could have associated the place with main courses or even Asian food dining, simply due to the sound of the name itself, let alone think of proper course set meals or spicy food; unless of course, one has actually heard or been to the cafe itself.
It does not help with the clarification of their identity with their location along/beside cafes such as Starbucks and Dome either.

Originating from our neighboring country, Thailand, Black Canyon Coffee is indeed a cafe that specializes in their own local style coffee designed to their business's identity.
From iced coffee, lattes and tea, Black Canyon Coffee is just that kind of cafe for one to enjoy a good chilled drink and just well, chill.
Its roots from a land famed for exotic tasting food particularly in the hot and spicy department is just justification enough for them to include their local cuisine food; the pride of their cultural origins even in a cafe themed environment and that was how Black Canyon Coffee revolved into also a cafe-restaurant, serving more than just your regular dose of caffeine fix.

It is a little unusual and tad a bit weird (perhaps it's psychological) to imagine a menu bursting with full-fledged main course meals of an Asian origin in a place which is associated with coffee.
At least it is to me.
As I say, it must be psychological for I had made up my mind that this was no more than a coffee place and I dare say it must have also slipped past the mind of the many who have just walked past the place with a mere glance casted in their direction.
I think something has got to be done with the naming of the place, perhaps locally here?

I was surprised with the variety of meals and dishes offered on their menu and even set lunches designed to cater specific numbers are available (two pax, 4 pax, 6 pax).
They are just eager to attract their own share of diners who are on the hunt of set meals which come with recommended and pre-set courses which saves the trouble of deciding on what to eat from the menu itself.
It is a wise idea.

When you are in a place which started off as a cafe, you must pay homage by ordering drinks with a caffeine-theme.
It is an unspoken rule, and while I am not a caffeine person, I am glad my other half is.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte (MYR7.90)
It was tad a little diluted in its taste though the ice and chilled part of the drink came in useful when the food arrives...

Spicy Seafood Tom Yum (MYR16.90)


Well, the name says it all, and it was truly spicy that one could break into sweat within the first few spoonfuls (not that there is much to begin with). Of course our hot weather could be the reason for the perspiration but this is truly one spicy tom yum.


Portions were moderately sized and I would say it fits the serving size of a cafe themed restaurant, offering just that right amount to tempt your appetite but not leaving you stuffed with no room to breathe, if you get my meaning.


The seafood tom yum came with quite a generous amount of fish fillets, prawns, squids, mushrooms and tomatoes swimming in the flavorful soup spiced with lemongrass, tamarind pulps, coriander leaves and tomatoes.
It was quite addictive with that exotic taste, not to mention appetizing despite the 30 degrees Celsius temperature out there.


I was delighted to see that they have this, Pad Kee Mao, which was Spicy Stir Fried Seafood with Hot Basil (MYR13.90)


I used to enjoy this at one of my regular Thai restaurants that I haunt, but since they have ceased operations, I could hardly find this in most of the places I went despite this being a relatively simple and regular Thai dish. It is one of the most basic and probably one of the common street style dishes even.
This was again another spicy dish and while it is not too bad, with the generous amount of seafood (prawns, fish fillets, squids) along with an assortment of long breaks, button mushrooms and of course, wickedly fat slices of red chilies where the seeds were tossed all over the dish for that tantalizing taste, I would say I have tasted better.


Surprisingly, the salad which was supposed to be the appetizing start to my meal came to the table the last.

This, I must say, is the star dish of my entire meal.
If the theme of the Spicy Tom Yum and Pad Kee Mao did not do enough to stir up that sweat glands and trigger that excitement on the taste buds, this, just kicked it up a notch to remind one that they are truly at a Thai restaurant.

I mean, this is kicking spicy.

Spicy Salmon Salad (MYR10.90)

17601631165_7c40ec1061_o_Fotor Who would have thought that the salad, which was supposed to be one to balance and even out the tastes turned out to be the main killer of the entire meal?
I have truly underestimated you.
It did well, and it really pushed up that adrenaline and sweat glands and I was just panting and the ice in the drink, that was the savior.

I was enticed by the name and theme of the salad which uses salmon and at such a reasonable price that the salmon-crazed me just have to have this.
The colors were just brightly appealing and drawing one to just enjoy the dish.
Deep fried salmon chunks tossed with largely diced tomatoes, cashew nuts, onion slices, stalks of spring onions and coriander leaves drenched with a sweet and sourish tasting sauce on a bed of lettuce leaves were just luring one into its colorful lair.
Those evil bird's eye chili did all they could to just numb your senses and just sends that hot sensation down your tongue, throat and straight into your tummies to just give them that surge of warmth.


Salad as an appetizer or a safe choice?
This is definitely not and is all about spunky attitude.
I have underestimated the power of the salad.
I have learnt my lesson and I will never do that again.

The food is truly a mind-blowing feast and if that is not enough, the presentation of their rice here could be something to draw your attention to.


I just love the creativity and this "square box" of rice is just too cute to be eaten, but is necessary to help cushion the effect of the spices on the lining of the stomach.
Can I have a "Square box of rice"?
It is just too adorable.
I love it when people get creative with their food presentation.

Black Canyon Coffee is definitely more than just plain coffee and tea and their move with set meals and even the affordable prices of their food and drinks at a well-sized portion could be attracting more to their turf soon.
They have definitely brought along the alluring tastes of their homeland to warm the hearts and of course stomachs of the local Malaysians, or rather, Penangites where they are currently based.


I know I am definitely pumped up, not to mention spiced up on my first visit!

All the experiences are based on my personal tastes and are in no way representing the general.
This is not a sponsored post by the restaurant, and is purely based on my personal opinions.

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