Thursday, June 26, 2014

Eating one's soul out at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas


It has been a long time since I have been back to this restaurant, which has been and still is one of the most happening eatery in the heart of the upscale Desa Sri Hartamas.

Souled Out Sri Harts, as they are fondly referred to (pet reference to their first and flagship outlet here) remains steady as one of the pulse for the hip night life in the area for more than a decade now, and they have recently expanded their business with their latest outlet in Ampang.

I have yet to visit their new outlet, and it is still to the original outlet that I return (possibly for that dear sense of familiarity?)
The place was clearly decked in the recent fervor of the ongoing World Cup 2014 with the different country flags waving from the ceilings and attires of the servers.




Dragonfly is the pride here; and I remembered myself ordering this exact same drink on my first visit here.
The bold combination of mixing red dragon fruit, watermelon, strawberry puree, lychee syrup, and fresh lemon juice gives the drink a rather revitalizing fruity taste with a slight chill as one takes a sip of this vibrant juice. It can appear to be a little sweet at first, followed by the thrilling sensation as the variety of the fruits takes charge of the taste buds, sending signals of uniqueness from their individual tastes yet stirring that imagination of the drinker in figuring out the types of fruits involved in the making of this drink. It indeed sends one on an enjoyable ride, and it is fitting that the menu describes it as one that will send one 'flitting' happily like a dragonfly

Sizzling Chicken Chop (MYR25) is a new item on their menu.
Served on a sizzling hot plate; hence the name, the chicken fillet is grilled with mushrooms, roast potatoes, sautéed panache vegetables, and slightly grilled romaine lettuce.


Pan Seared Grouper (MYR28) 
Grilled grouper fish fillet over mixed Cajun pasta, topped with roasted sliced cherry tomato, zucchini ribbons and pepper remains my personal favorite every time I am here, and it is no surprise this is the exact same item I ordered on my last visit. (I will give it up to try others, someday)

However, I was a little disappointed this round, as the grouper fillet spent a longer time over the grill than intended, and was slightly amiss in the tender department in its usually smooth flesh.
I missed that taste from my first visit; whereby the grouper fillet was just lightly heated on the grill, and the juicy flesh was just temptingly luscious with every bite; a sensation that one is treated with a fresh catch directly from the sea and cooked almost instantly.
I am sure this is just a mild inconsistency, and I am sure this will be fixed, for I still look forward to having this on my next visit.


The restaurant is heading for renovation and it was a good time for me to drop by to relive the old face of Souled Out before it goes under the drill, and I am guessing that by the time I return for the next visit, it will be an all brand-new Souled Out.

Looking forward to more goodies and eating our souls out again, real soon~