Thursday, June 19, 2014

Authentic Taiwanese spread at Kocha

Kocha Taiwanese restaurant is one of my personal favorite restaurants; and is one of the rare ones which serve authentic Taiwanese cuisine.
Well, there is not many to begin with; as I have mentioned in my previous post on Taiwanese food, this is one restaurant which has persisted and gone through the test of time over the years on this world-renowned touristy island and I have been a regular since its early days.
In fact, I have posted on my personal dining experiences more than once; with my usual favorites which, to be honest, remained consistent.
It either means I am just a boring person, or naturally faithful and confident in my own personal preferences of tastes and I am nodding my head vigorously at the latter.

Tucked along the busy, traffic-congested one-way street of Burmah Road which is home to many famous eateries such as Apong Guan, Him Heang, and many more, Kocha is unmistakably striking with its bright green neon lights signboard with red letterings spelling the restaurant's name placed high above and easily visible to commuters on the road.
The restaurant is located at the corner of the junction right after Hotel 1926 on your left, and there is ample parking space in the premises.

Sounds of flowing water and a large wooden table on the outer compound of the restaurant gives you an early idea of the restaurant, and step in to admire the dimly lit environment graced with the neon lights from the bright aquariums with colorful fishes, wooden furnitures, and interesting ornaments on display.
Be enthralled by the sights that behold your sight, and take a seat to enjoy the overall ambiance which   focuses on the balance of the elements inspired by the notion of Asian Feng Shui.



The authenticity of their Taiwanese offerings begin with their owner; who is a Taiwanese himself, and prides in their fresh ingredients and recipes; with most of them being imported from Taiwan directly. In fact, their menu boasts of a large variety of beverages and food which are found in the country of origin, and over the years they have expanded to include more home made offerings such as pineapple cakes and their very own developed recipes.

Taiwanese love their bubbly teas; complete with milk and pearls and the list they have here, while not extensive will still make you indecisive on which to have as everything sounds so interesting.


You will never go wrong with the traditional Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea
Choose from their variety of flavored milk tea, and their list of additional toppings with a minimum extra charge.


If you are not into milk tea or anything frothy, then the Taiwanese favorite Plum Green Tea (MYR5.90) is simply irresistibly addictive.
I simply could not get enough of this ever since I tried it, and also when I was in Taiwan, and I have been hooked ever since; ordering nothing else but this drink every single time I dine here.


The refreshing tastes of the icy cold juice with that light sweet sourish note flavored with the preserved plums leaves a soothing sensation with the slight grassy hint from the green tea at the end.
This is truly an invigorating drink, and one that can make you longing for seconds after gushing them down your throat. Trust me, you will not stop at one sip.

Spicy Seafood Noodles (MYR16.90) is one of our personal favorites; simply for its mildly spiced hot soup laced with red chilies and spices. Served with fried fish fillets, prawn, meat ball, crab ball, cuttlefish, scallop along with their homemade noodles and garnished with romaine lettuce and coriander leaves, this is definitely a flavorful and light appetite teaser for any seafood or noodle lover.

I have always loved to start with this Salmon Roll (MYR11.90) which is a delectable choice to stimulate one's appetite with its fishy savory taste; beginning from the lightly roasted to crisp seaweed  outer layer tenderly smothered by the chewy fish paste before being rolled in layers alternately to hug its assorted filling of salmon fillet and paste, sliced cucumber.
Dip in the thousand island dressing or opt for chili sauce to enjoy each mouthful of temptation from this appetizing dish which is just simply addictive (at least it was for me!)




For a filling option complete with that palatable Asian style serving of staple rice, go for this
Steamed Cod Fish Set (MYR26.90) which comes with a drink (the Bubble Milk Tea), the Taiwanese style rice with minced pork, soup, vegetables, fruits, dessert (slice of cake) and the main course itself (of course).


Taiwanese favorite rice with minced pork and gravy done right here with their own style.


There are also other ways of serving the Cod Fish; Deep Fried and Five Flavored, but nothing beats the succulent and juicy bites from the silky smooth cod fish which just sends the taste buds to the nines. I am not sure about you, I may be biased in my very own fondness of this exquisite fish which is just nothing short of ordinary.

The light-sized cod fish fillet was steamed to perfection to retain its moist and tenderness, served with soy sauce and silky white tofu, completed with the garnishing of coriander leaves, finely chopped spring onions and red chilies.

The desserts may vary; though most often are found in the form of an adorably-sized sponge cake and of late, this matcha sponge cake topped with matcha cream and red bean is their trending as the dessert served with their sets.


To spice up the meal a little more, go for an ala carte and indulge in the Sweet and Sour Squids (MYR13.90).
Deep fried to golden brown and extreme crisp; the squids are still oozing with its natural juicy tastes on the inside and coupled with the spicy sweet alternating with sourish vinegar taste sauce, this is exotic and flavorful as an ala carte side to complement the meal or even good on its own to nibble on while engaging in a lively banter with friends.


These are just my personal regular favorites and I have more to share, which keeps me returning to this restaurant after so many years.

They have also opened another outlet at Penang Times Square, besides this main/original outlet on Burmah Road.

I cannot speak for anyone else, but for that authentic tastes of Taiwanese food, Kocha definitely did the trick to keep me in their spell!~

*Kocha, or Kochabi translates to means traditional tastes in local dialect/Hokkien*

*This is not a sponsored post and is based on my personal tastes and opinions, and may differ from one individual to another*


  1. I'm curious of what kind of spiciness is the spicy seafood noodle?

  2. A simple dish of Taiwanese rice with minced pork and gravy can bring back so many memories of home... even if we aren't from Taiwan. The ultimate comfort food! :D


  3. So many interesting dishes, looking so tempting.
    The dragonfly looks like an irresistible combination of exotic fruits, I'm would LOVE to try this :)