Thursday, March 24, 2011

How I became a Food Blogger

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching lately (yeah, philosophical), and in the process of rediscovering myself, I also look through my works and that includes my blogs.

I own more than ten blogs today (yeah, I am insane), and I have shared how and why here

Anyway, this food blog is special and I just wanted to write why and how I started this food blog.
If you have following one of my older blogs; Angelstar Blog which has now been replaced by my life journal, you will find my earlier writings on my life and also, food.

Lots of people (even myself included) always think that food bloggers just LOVE food, and EATING.
Yeah, not all wrong, but that is only part of the truth.

I don't HATE food either but sets me back, was I am not the cooking type.
Yeah, I don't know how to cook, don't try to test me by asking the simplest of recipes like cooking rice, frying an egg or even instant noodles..don't bother.
It is rather, the general perception that when you blog about food, you must at least have the minimum requirements:
1. LOVE food (the obvious)
2. EATS a lot
3. Good at cooking
4. Creative with recipes

Yeah, minimum and possible to achieve; thus the birth of so many talented (and enthusiastic!) food bloggers out there.
They are the majority group; who formed the mass of food bloggers.

BUT, What IF, I am not in the majority, nor am I part of the common crowd who shares the same interests?

I am not saying that I don't have the requirements to be a food blogger; honestly, there is no right or wrong or what dictates who should be a food blogger but, I blog about food for a different reason than that of the general.

Of course, there must still be interest in food, but the art of preparing and having them captured is what had me hooked.
I started my first blog because I just love writing and sharing on my views, and then I played around with the first digital camera we had at the time.
It was really cool; we did not need to waste money and time on developing films, and it made blogging so much easier.

When I started blogging, the population of bloggers was really low and there were only a few like us out there.
I was also inspired by some great blogs, and it was from there that I enjoyed posting about everything I did; from my daily activities (not every single detail lar!) to food and even my feelings/mood/weather.

My mum was my first ever fan, and she was really supportive of my writing (well, she has been since I first started writing - she kept all my early written pieces; essays, poems, stories, etc in a file).
I loved to capture the plants she spent so much time on, but my favorite had to be her cooking.

She played along too, presenting the food ready for photograph each time whenever she sees me taking out my camera and she just loves looking at all the photos when I upload them to my laptop/pc and when I post them to the blog.
(She's happy and proud that they turn out so nice in the photos; yeah, not my photography skills...I have only basic skills :)

I loved sharing on my thoughts on food, and yeah, I may be really picky with my food, and what I like or dislike to eat, but I share my honest opinions.
I may sound sarcastic, or even different from others out there (they say it's nice, and I just don't quite agree) but that's MY opinion.
We can't force ourselves to like what others like; we ARE different.

One man's meat is another's poison, heard of this before?

Writing/blogging about food does not automatically upgrade me to be a food critic or a food reviewer; yeah right!
I am just an ordinary person like you and you out there, enjoying and trying new stuffs when they come to town AND, I go by MY Budget.

I don't tempt myself to indulge in expensive food just because it is a TREND and everyone else has it there; nor do I make it a point to visit to every single restaurant out there to make sure I complete my mission.

Nah, I don't do that.

I don't make it into an assignment; but rather, a vision whereby I hope to share my own findings and experiences in my daily lives.
I am not Food Hunter, and not a world class chef, although I may consider learning someday, so you can choose to laugh at my reviews and experiences or emphatize with me or you can just decide that, NAH, I'll read other blogs.

THAT, is YOUR choice.

I write this food blog for my own reasons:
1. Interesting eats I find daily, and what I feel about them
2. New places I happened to visit and what I think about them
3. My mum's home cooking/friends/relatives, and maybe, my soon-to-be mother-in-law? :)
4. Pictures of food that I just find fascinating
5. Anything about food that I like or dislike
6. My encounters when I decide what to eat daily/during travel
7. My travel food

I hope to be adding more interesting stories about food and also more perspectives into the food I have as my daily bread...ooohhh, and hopefully unique food comes my way too.

Don't group all Food bloggers as the same, we are all different with our distinct styles.
One does not suit you? Check out the rest, that's one thing common about all food bloggers; we ARE LINKED to each other =)

Happy Food blog reading and hunting and I hope you enjoyed your stay here; if you can stand my picky-ness!

To Eat or not to eat, that is MY question =)

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