Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homemade Lam Mee

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Traditionally known as the birthday noodles as it is prepared to wish longevity to the birthday celebrant, it is also originally one of the Nyonya/Peranakan food.
The yellow noodles used for this may seem like the ordinary ones used in most noodle-based dishes, but due to the association with the longevity, the noodles used here are longer than usual.
(There is another type of noodles associated with birthday celebrations; which is the Sang Meen - a type of fried egg noodles)

This can usually be found in most hawker stalls or Chinese coffee shops (if you spot the stall with the word 'Lam Mee'), especially in Penang; the northern region of Malaysia. It is a clear favorite among the locals; and the Malay have a version similar to this which they call the Mee Lontong.
It is supposed to be relatively easy to make too, I guess, as I was invited to sample this homemade Lam Mee.
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The most important ingredient to the success of this dish lies in the broth or the soup used with the noodles.
It is different from other clear soups as the soup is cooked to a rich and heavy broth before serving with the noodles.
The stock used in preparing the broth is usually prawns and chicken.
I am not a cook myself, but I hope I can learn someday? :)

I am sure you can find more recipes for the Lam Mee from the web too; maybe I will publish the recipe one day!

Another important ingredient for the Lam Mee is the sambal sauce; which is an option.
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For those who like their Lam Mee to have a stronger taste with a spice, mixing the sambal sauce with the broth and noodles is an option.
Another way is to put the sambal paste on the noodles without mixing it with the broth to your liking or whenever you feel like it.

For me, I rarely go for the sambal paste as I prefer the original clear and sweet taste of the soup.

Honestly, anything homemade always beats those sold outside, bestselling or not, don't you agree?
At home, you can go heavy with the ingredients or to your taste/liking during the preparations or even the serving.
For instance, I get to enjoy the plentiful of fishballs and fish cakes in my broth as I serve myself.

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Lam Mee, anyone?


  1. Looks very tasty. Makes me hungry for it.

  2. It looks tasty and comforting.