Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Hybrid Kueh Talam

Surrounded with the rich and diverse culture in my country, there is no end to the list of local delights and tasty cakes for snacks nicknamed as 'kueh' can be found almost anywhere; in all sorts of forms, tastes and colors.

Therefore, it is no surprise for us to find a new little green cake at our usual deli stall nearby which we have not come across before.

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Claimed to be a new creation by the homemaker who made this to make a living, it was a creative twist of pandan flavor and sticky smooth pudding in one single bite-sized cake.
While most of the kueh are of longtime origins and screams familiarity at most of the fans, they did not stop the creative bakers from injecting their ideas and innovation into the existing recipes or making a new type of cake altogether; like this one.

The cake was a tad too sweet, but aromatic in its pleasant pandan scent and flavor while the texture of the cake is just smooth and chewy.

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Like most of the kueh, there is also a mixture of coconut milk in its taste; thus creating that blend of sweet and slightly salty in its taste.
The aunty who sold us this told us that it was like a Hybrid Kueh Talam; maintaining the original color and ingredients of the original Kueh Talam, but changing the appearance and texture of the cake; not to mention the taste.

It was really a unique cake, and I applaud the success of the maker's creativity.

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Who says we are running out of traditional stuffs?
We are not, but there are even more new additions with the creativity juices of the new generation and I believe that there will a wider array of culinary delights as these juices get flowing, and I don't see that as a bad thing, at all.


  1. I like how you always add something different to the traditional meals and make them sound as a new one!

  2. hi christy, this looks so soft and delicious.
    may be one day you get the recipe and post it here.
    would love to try also
    have a nice day

  3. Last minute, yeah, it's just so innovative!:)

  4. cookingvarieties, sure, I must work my charm on the aunty, so that she will share the recipe with me ;)

  5. interesting. Never saw this before. where did you buy this?