Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fish Tacos and a Burrito

The tropical weather in Hawaii just reminds me of our very own sun and rain all year round back here at home, albeit a little cooler since we were there during their 'winter' season.
It leaves little to wonder the crowded population in the island of Oahu, which is just brimming with a myriad of ethnicities living in this place; bringing colors and life to the local culture and making it different from the other American states.

The mix and blend of the different cultures translate to one thing; variety of food!
Yes, eating in Hawaii is not an issue at all as one can choose from across the globe; from local American to Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Mexican, and anything you want, really!

We tried to stick to the local flavors as much as possible, and my hubby, who was almost at home at the States, recommended some tacos for lunch when we passed by the Fish Tacos in Honolulu.

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One thing I noticed is the difference in the drinks and beverages system in the States compared to back home; whereby one orders the drink from the counter and is then given an empty cup based on the size ordered.
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With that cup in hand, one proceeds to the drinks machine and fills according to the type of drinks/beverage ordered; unsupervised.
I am impressed with the trust that is instilled in the customers and also the independence incorporated in the system here.

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It is probably no big deal but there is much to admire about the widely publicized liberty in the United States and I have also observed that most of the customers go back for refills (which is allowed, of course), but they fill from the beverage they ordered and not going in a soft drink frenzy; filling from each and every type.
(Of course, that would not be really healthy nor can one easily consume all in a gulp anyway in that short time inside the restaurant).

The highlight here is definitely the fish tacos; after all, what would one order/expect when walking into a restaurant named Fish Tacos?
We ordered a plate of tacos; and definitely went easy with the spicy factor!
I love the simple presentation of the tacos; but do no be fooled for underneath the folds packs a fiery punch of flavors!

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Served with a generous serving of tomato salsa and fresh cabbage leaves atop the dough of the bread, the lime must be squeezed for its juice adds that simply must-have zesty flavor to the enhance the taste of the taco combo.

The fish, is not forgotten for it was just succulent and juicy amidst the flavorful tastes of the salsa combined with the vegetables and the dough. It was just fried to perfection; and was even hot when I took my first bite!

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The way to eat this?
Just grab both ends of the dough and push all of them into your mouth; but slowly and carefully though.
Warning: It can be rather messy and tough for those with small openings for a mouth; but as long as you get a taste with all of it in one bite, you are good to go:)

Hubby is a burrito fan and he decided to show his loyalty by ordering a chicken burrito in the Fish Taco restaurant. Yeah, he can be a joker sometimes:p
He, takes pride in trying the different types of burrito and sampling some of the unique food around whenever we go travel, and he's a good sampler for me sometimes too;)

The burrito was rather large in size, and to me, it was like a giant roll, waiting to be dissected!

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If you think that it is the same way to consume this burrito; by stuffing the whole roll into the mouth, then I'd advise to think again because this needs a little more work to enjoy the sight of what is inside before gobbling everything at one go or it would definitely be a waste!

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Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing This is definitely not easy on the spicy factor, and the chicken meat were finely chopped and marinated with a hot and spicy gravy before being served and stuffed with fresh lettuce leaves.

It was a lovely choice for lunch, and I am looking forward to more tacos in the future too; good and fishy ones like these, if you please :)


  1. Aloha! Such a great experience to travel to the island of Hawaii. The big daddy version of Penang. :D

  2. Thank you for posting these

  3. Oh you went to Hawaii! I used to love burittos but nowadays I enjoy tacos more. Fish tacos is my #1 option, although not everywhere serves it. Looks yum! I miss Mexican food as I haven't had since I came here!

  4. Fish tacos ....yummmmy!

  5. Aloha Christy...I love fish taco...both the taco and burrito look awesome.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  6. I have been wanting to try fish taco for along time.

  7. I love burritos.....
    God I haven't had one in long time.... I need one now...
    Yummy post...

  8. ken, Yeah, on my honeymoon :)
    I do agree that it is a big daddy picture of Penang ;)

  9. Loveforfood, you are welcome!:)
    Hope you enjoyed ;)

  10. Nami, yeah, I did!!:)
    Oh really, my hubby said the same thing..that fish tacos are hard to come by;)
    I feel lucky to have tried it then;)

  11. The Yum List, definitely yum in return!;)

  12. Aloha Juliana!!:)
    The same wishes to you too;)

  13. Rita, you must try them some time soon!;)

  14. Reem, thanks and glad to make you want a burrito almost instantly!:D