Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Caffe Bene - Redefining Cafes


With an outlet popping up almost every minute around the world, Caffe Bene is definitely the pride of the Asian household names in the casual and favorite cafe category.
Originating from South Korea, the fast-growing chain outlet is gaining its base everywhere and in the hearts of many who have developed fondness for the unique healthy multigrain beverage, unique specialty shaved ices (bingsu), special brewed coffee and Belgian Liege waffles with various toppings.

I have not tried everything on their menu yet; probably not their coffee or misugaru (the healthy concoction of black sesame seeds, black bean, black and brown rice and barley creating that protein-rich mix) which many have raved about, but I did try their other two specialties.
It is interesting to note that the Misugaru beverage is Caffe Bene's signature differentiator that sets the coffee house chain apart from its other long-established and world-famous competitors such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans, etc and is the brainchild of the cafe to attract the coffee lovers and health wannabes to their outlets, following their establishment.
The start of Caffe Bene was conceived by their CEO and owner, Sun-Kwon Kim who had traveled to Canada and noticed the popularity of the local coffee cafes and believed that he could bring that to his own turf and create a name that would hit it off, thus giving way to the birth of Caffe Bene; a name that sounded more European than Korean.
It was meant to be that way; as Bene is derived from an Italian word to bring the meaning of good and the name of the cafe was just modeled after the al-fresco style of the European cafes.

Their interesting beginning and the background of their fascinating brand name are not the only things to put to the success of their chain; as their menu proved its worth in capturing the attention of coffee/cafe lovers who wanted something more unique besides the usual offerings of coffee and tea.

The Bingsu is testament to the unique branding of the cafe, though it is not foreign to the South Koreans as this dessert is making its way to the cafes and on the palates of its fan base and Caffe Bene has introduced this popular dessert with her very own variants.
Pretty much shaved ice as the base ingredient but with a whole portion packed with varied ingredients to shake it off and crammed into a huge glass jar, this is something you can get away with stuffing yourself with sweet iced dessert while chilling out with a friend.
This may be something you need to share with someone if you want to enjoy or think that it's going to be a small serving, for it is far away from that perception.

The Green Tea Bingsu is delicately polished with shaved ice flavored with green tea and milk, laden heavily with red beans, almond flakes, hazelnuts and green tea ice cream.


Green tea always is a perfect match for red bean, and that is no way to turn this down when you are deciding on the variants of bingsu they have; not that the other flavors of bingsu are not that good - but this should be one of the choices if you are ordering more than one.


The portion easily fills more than one person; and the composition of the intense green tea along with all its accompanying ingredients just make this a winner.


The famous Belgian Liege waffles somehow landed on the menu of this South Korean brand, although there is no wonder why and more than that, an excellent and wise choice due to the rising fame of the waffles themselves. It is a perfect treat and addition to any beverages menu and would definitely have many swooning over its crispy exterior yet soft taste paired with a good cup of beverage/dessert while relaxing in a comfy couch.


Choose from the different flavors/toppings although the original would be a good option too if one is simply lost for choice.


Waffles, is another hard to turn down and along with chilled dessert like the bingsu, it sounds like a perfect combination for an afternoon treat with the loved ones especially on a weekend.

I may not have tried everything on their menu, but I was told these were already halfway to the goodness offered by the cafe, and I could not agree more.

Whoever passed this off as just another ordinary coffee chain outlet, ought to rethink that and shaved ice dessert may have found their way into a different dimension with the Caffe Bene's version of the popular bingsu.

Another outlet is probably on its way in the world as I write this post, and any wonder why it's catapulting into the hearts of many faster than Cupid's arrow?
Take a step into cafe and say for yourself :-)

Note: I love the simple rustic and cosy interior of the cafe which just makes it comfortable and just perfect for chilling out with family and friends.


*This is not a sponsored post/review and is purely based on my personal opinions*


  1. Visit Caffe Bene once and only tried the waffle, like the texture :)

  2. Ooo....yeah, nothing like their version huh? ;-)