Friday, March 28, 2014

Homecooked Food Diary: Steamed Prawns

Taking a break away from the Taiwan food diary, I simply had to post on this wonderful dish served for dinner at home last night.
Recently we are taking to more home cooked food, since I happened to be around (at home), and for various other reasons; such as the unbelievably bad traffic due to the school holidays and cars from other states are all crowding on the streets for their favorite local fixes from the hawkers, and those famous merchandise products from the shops. Also, did I mention that the costs of dining outside has shot up exponentially, with the increase in taxes and the prices of the raw goods?
Furthermore, for health reasons, it is not a bad idea to have more home cooked food, which can be healthy sans the preservatives, MSG, and the unnecessary additives that can be sometimes found out there, not to mention, going light on the purses too.

Besides, who can resist gorgeous dishes which are just so simple that it can throw you off your chair?
Steamed, or rather, boiled prawns was the simple dish we had last night; following a stroke of good luck when the prawns were in stock at the morning market, and they were fresh!
Prices were reasonable too, hence the purchase of the prawns on impulse.

Steamed/Boiled Prawns

Since they were so fresh, there was really no need for any additional sauce or anything, but to just simply put them in a wok/pot with some water, and leave it on to boil!

Prawns are relatively easy to cook, as I was told, as they cook really fast (remember our steamboat during those festive seasons where you just throw in a bunch of prawns, and they are cooked in a few seconds!)

It has been a really long time since I have had really good steamed/boiled prawns like these, and it felt like we were dining outside in a seafood restaurant which serves fresh prawns (especially if you go to those fishing villages), but I bet even they do not have such home cooked taste or prices like this!

When seafood, especially prawns or crabs, or fish...well, generally, all seafood are fresh, I think the best and most just way to have them is through the simple method of boiling or just plain steaming them to enjoy that natural sweetness from the freshness of the catch. Any other method would simply do the flavor an injustice, but then again, that is my take and may not be your personal preference.

Though it was almost end of the week (not the weekend yet), who says we can't spoil ourselves with a treat like this?
After all, at home is where you rule.

This is seriously, good, and fresh is the key here!


  1. I love prawns. Home-cooked is definitely better than tons of MSG!

  2. WokandSpoon, I'm with you on that! Slaps high-five!