Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Vegan Affair

If you are a vegetarian and you happen to be in Malaysia, you are in for a treat. Choices are varied and the flavors are just bursting from the creativity from the local vendors serving these good food in restaurants, stalls or anywhere that you see a vegetarian shop. The colors and the uniqueness from the creative dishes are such popping eye candies that lure even the regular meat lovers to consider being a convert once in a while.
While it depends on the location in which you are in at the time (there may be challenges in availability of vegetarian outlets in certain states), generally it is still a relatively vegetarian-friendly country.
Perhaps it is fair to say that Penang; the little island with a big tourism reputation on the western coast of the Peninsular hosts a number of vegetarian restaurants and eateries.

Due to the population of the Chinese folks here, the vegetarian cuisine here is heavily influenced by the exotic style of cooking mixed with the local flavors from the island favorites. Indian vegetarian can be found here too, if you are looking for the Indian style of vegetarian.
However, you should try out the Chinese vegetarian which just tempts you with the various innovations in their dishes while attempting to substitute the usual meat or non vegan fare with their unique choices of mock options created using simple plant-based ingredients such as mushrooms, seaweed and perhaps a little wheat or gluten occasionally.

Vegetarian choices can be so alluring in their imitation of the usual meaty fare that you might even forget you are actually on a vegan meal.

Take for instance, this tempting bowl of vegetarian Tomyam noodles served with mock shrimps, fish balls, and fish fillets all made with probably flour or a little gluten.

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Image Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Fragrant flavors from the natural aromatic lemongrass, tamarind and the usual spices just makes this such an irresistible mouthful; sending shouts of excitement from the spicy hot soup.
Perfect during the cold weather (it tends to be rainy on some days here)

Braised fried fish fillets with special black pepper and mushroom sauce
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The fish fillets were made of the dried soy sheets and wrapped with the seaweed; and appears to be slightly covered by the generously sliced mushrooms.

What do you make of these?
Sweet and sour braised mock pork ribs

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The use of wheat flour/gluten lends these a chewy and crunchy texture; in emulating the actual tastes from the real ribs?

This was from one of the Chinese vegetarian specialized restaurant I visited last year, and there are many more such restaurants on the island which I look forward to visiting, for I am a fan and a vegan wannabe myself :-)

How are the vegan choices in your country/place?
Do they have dishes like these, or they are unique in their own ways?
I would love to explore vegan choices in other countries too~


  1. Can't believe these are all vegetarian dishes! Those sweet and sour braised mock porkribs look so good!
    Happy New Year to you and your family, Christy.

  2. I had no idea that Malaysia was a good country for vegetarians but that's good to know for friends that visit!

  3. vegetarian noodles sound good! this would be a good week to do some healthy eating before the chinese new year dinners start soon =)

  4. Angie, and they tastes just as good! :-)

  5. Lorraine, let me know if you need some guides, hehe, I know a few good ones here ;-)
    (in my humble personal opinion though)

  6. Sean, lol, now that's quite a good one...can't believe CNY is creeping up to us so soon!~

  7. We have a vegetarian eatery here that prepares fish fillets similarly - with soy sheets and we love that dish very much!

  8. tigerfish, oh ya, it's absolutely tantalizing to the palates~ Just so fishy, right? ;-)