Thursday, August 09, 2012

Halibut and scallops at Monte's, BSC

Dining options are everywhere when you are in the metropolitan city of KL, and price ranges from low to high, as you please.
There are just so many places we can enjoy good food and environment that it became such a norm, and yet, it's not unusual to still hear the city dwellers complaining of having a tough time to decide what to eat.

Whenever I am back in town and catch up with my good ol' friends or colleagues, we always come to the part to decide where to eat and it is ridiculous, given the wide variety staring at us right back in the face!
Well, perhaps it was due to the fact that we are spoilt for the choices that we just feel nothing is good enough? I don't know, but usually, I leave it to them to decide...hehe :-P

Sometimes we end up in shopping malls where there is a whole list of restaurants to choose from; it makes the selection easier.
Bangsar Shopping Center is a place that I pop in once in a while, and a few of my friends seem to think highly of the restaurants here.

We were hoping to try out WIP, but unfortunately most of the tables were reserved and I did not think that highly of eating at the bar counters which led us to Monte's Restaurant and Wine Bar located on Level 1; right above WIP.

I liked the environment; unfortunately no photos, as we were busy talking and it is even a wonder that I remembered to snap photos of the food!;)

Our Appetizer is something that I love; fat and juicy scallops!!:)

Baked Scallops with herb sauce (1/2 Dozen) (MYR33.00)

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Scallops need no testament to how delicious; and I liked how Monte's kept them fresh and juicy to the core despite it being baked.
Did I mention Fat and juicy too?
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The mains we ordered:

Grilled Halibut (MYR38.00)
Imported seafish served with aubergine and potato salad

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It has been a while since I've seen this fish appearing on the menu; and I enjoyed the way the fish maintained its freshness and sweetness despite being grilled.
A delectable fishy treat for me; and my reunion with halibut! :-)

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio (MYR23.00)
With garlic, red chillies, parsley, black pepper & olive oil

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Overall, I enjoyed the food and the nice ambiance that I am inclined to think of visiting this place again someday when I am in town, along with my family and hubby? :-)

TGIF peeps and have an awesome weekend, I look forward to your recommendations ;-)


  1. oh yum! looks delicious!

  2. Amanda, oh yes, this is an awesome meal!:-)