Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steamed Fish with Plum Sauce

One of my favorite type of steamed fish is this version made by my mother-in-law; using a fresh whole fish (could be any fish from snapper to grouper) served with the sweet and slightly sour taste of the plum sauce.

Steamed fish with plum sauce (by MIL)

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Knowing that I am a big fan of fish, she would prepare fish; typically fish fillets which are boneless and safer to consume (fear of choking) and she can be so creative at times.
Of course, my mummy does the same for me at home too :-)

The plum sauce can be quite thick in its texture; a little like honey and is best for meaty fish like snappers, in my personal opinion as grouper, when it's fresh and steamed, tastes good on its own already.

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For some reason, I never did like the head of the fish to face in my direction when I am eating because it just makes me feel uncomfortable and I could even lose my appetite and interest in the fish altogether (and that's big as I am a fan of fish, really!)

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As MIL is away on a trip at the moment, I could only enjoy the photos and miss her cooking.
I suppose I should be picking up some basic cooking skills soon? :-)
Love the taste of the plum sauce with the fish...

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Now I have two mothers, and it's not hard to figure out why we stay in for dinner most of the time, is it?:-)


  1. I love fish too. I usually have it every other day for dinner. =)

  2. plum sauce...
    hmmmm that is something unique..
    normally is soya sauce..
    is it teochew style?

  3. I love fish too. Plum sauce..mmm yummy!!!