Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mummy cooks - Day 1 at home

I took a short break back at home last month; in conjunction with the holiday for the Heritage day up north which coincided with the weekend of the country's monarch's birthday, so naturally, I just took leave to make it a little longer than the usual weekend.

That stretches to about four days (like yeah right, only one day extra from the usual 3-day long weekend which could make us all go yippee like we are winning lottery)

Anyway, the best part of being home is to finally get a dose of Mummy's cooking which I love to share and snap the pics of it everytime to be posted on my blog.
It's like a break from my usual restaurants/cafes visits I go for, with some crappy or great food too, but seriously, nothing beats homecooked, right?

It does not need to be Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver's recipes and I am still happy to see them.
Even if it's something as simple as ABC soup (Mum's recipe)
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There's fishballs in the soup just for my benefit since I really love them!

Or something as easy to make as boiled vegetables which just soften like that
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And there's always fish whenever I am back at home, be it a whole fish or my favorite thick fillets like this threadfin fillet
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which tastes just as good steamed!

Sauteed tiger prawns with onion sauce
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This was an extra bonus since they were fresh in the market that time...

To be continued...

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