Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Homemade Strawberry Yoghurt Cheese Cake

When you read the words "Homemade", you must have jumped to the conclusion that I was the one responsible for the making of the cake, right?

Well, if you've read my blog long enough, you'll realize that ermmm...yours truly is not a fan of cooking and will never be a master of cooking either =P
I am just one pickyeater who is really fussy about what I eat and how it tastes like.
I don't criticize on the way the food is prepared or whether the chef is good, etc...my reviews and comments are purely based on how it tasted to me, and it may not be agreeable to anyone else (as most of the floggers have already know =)

This post is dedicated to one of my close girl friends who have since succumbed to her love for baking and the little oven she has at home. She delights in learning and baking a new recipe or two when she has the free time and shares with the bunch of girl friends like us =)

This is her newest creation; the Strawberry Yoghurt Cheese Cake
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Lovely, ain't it...with the colorful exterior, I am sure it will tempt even those who are not fond of desserts/sweet things...like me =)

There are four layers in this cake; the red is the strawberry puree kinda concoction; followed by the pink strawberry yoghurt, then the cheese, and the last one is the crispy brownie-like crust.
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I am not familiar with baking but I reckon that layers like these would be rather time-consuming and requires a fair amount of patience to succeed, right?
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What do you think, baker-lovers? =)


  1. i thot you made it! LOL

  2. Looks nice, love to sample some :D

  3. Wanna sell?!HMM?! :)

  4. look fantastic.
    can you please give provide me the recipe which I will be very delightful to try it for my family.