Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Expensive fish for a dinner! and a dissatisfied customer!!

Judging from the excited (and positive) responses to my previous post on Teluk Kumbar, I am guessing no one is bored with my repetitive posting on that place and its food..LOLs!:)

Anyway, there is another seafood place which I used to frequent and unfortunately, in this post, there is some disappointment to be expected in the tone of my post.

I brought my family and cousin brother to this place for dinner on a Monday night; after our working hours, looking forward to a light and simple meal.

The lady boss came and took our orders; and I made sure I reminded her that all are to be small-serving-sizes.

First, we had the stir-fried brussel sprouts (which I have forgotten to take a picture of:p)
It was RM8; that was crunchy and nice.

Then we had the crab meat with beancurd; which we chose the local beancurd which is plain white beancurd with a slightly fried exterior.
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It's RM12; but I think the crab meat was a bit scarce and minced to such pieces where I could barely see much.
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The steamed Kappa with garlic; as recommended by the lady
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It was not bad, but I was shocked to see the size of the serving as I remembered that I requested for small-size, remember?
I asked the lady again; and she confirmed, yes, that's the small serving but she gave us the rest of the kappa they had left since there's not much left.

It was RM16; and she said she had already provided the discount.
My question is, since when did I ask them to give me all of their remaining shells? In the first place, she should have come over to confirm with me prior to making that decision on her own to add the number of kappa.
C'mon, am I the customer or her? Am I the one paying or what?
I was seriously dissatisfied with the answer...

But that's not the worst; the final blow came when the fish came
We ordered Steamed red snapper (I think that's what Ang Cho is called in English)
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This small fish costs a whopping RM42 bucks!
I was shocked at the price of the fish; I mean, I may not be the expert in the prices but I still know my favorite food well enough to know what they're worth.

This fish is not even garoupa; and you charge me for this price?
I think that's exorbitant!

The total price for the dinner was RM80+++ for the above four dishes only!
I was seriously frustrated!
Worst part is, I was a regular customer and they did disappointed can one be?

Furthermore, even my cousin bro could do the math; stating that this is so expensive comparing to Teluk Kumbar where we had real big crabs and even prawns....
Wow, I think this fish must be weighed in gold bars' weight...

Whatever, I don't think I will go back's too big of a disappointment already.....and it's not worth it at all..

I forgot to reveal the's Chai Seafood restaurant in Batu Maung....
So disappointed...


  1. sure you won't going back??

  2. Where's this place?
    Let me be aware so that no second time to be disappointed with seafood and its price.

  3. Pls tell where's this so we don't get caught.

  4. Place...reveal pls.

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I have found it on this website called [url=]tip swift[/url]. You can find it there.
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