Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fuzing Fusion Food @ Louis Cafe

Adding to the line of new fusion cafes is Louis Cafe, which recently started their operations in their little cafe along Argyll Road.
Prior to my visit, they have also invited a bunch of Penang floggers for a review and I have made a mental note since then to pay this interesting cafe a visit (thanks to all the wonderful floggers for sharing their views).

Louis Cafe is a quaint little cafe which used one of the pre-war shophouses in the heart of Georgetown to introduce their culinary skills.
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They have tastefully decorated their cafe with a light and simple touch to transport you to a dimension around the globe with their pictures of all the amazing architectures in the world.
At the same time,their tables are pinned down with red and white checkered tablecloths which just reminds you of the Italian dining.
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The brightly lit windows from the shining sun just brings a cheerful atmosphere into the cafe, and furthermore, the cafe is after all, brand new with its fresh coat of paint and a eager image.
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Glancing through their menu reveals not an extensive but varied enough selection of fusion food; offering from salads to pasta and main courses from chicken to beef and seafood/fish. They have the usual range of juices and beverages and their special desserts even include bird's nest and snow jelly!
All the more reason for me to come back, haha, personally!:)

As with other cafes (they need to stay competitive anyway), they also offer you a selected range of daily set lunches/dinners at only RM18.90++ per set inclusive of soup, drink, main course and free flow of ice-cream.
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Somehow, this just reminds me of Mizi Bistro, but their sets are actually wider in range compared to Louis.

Iced lemon tea is such a refreshing drink in this hot hot hot weather (did anyone notice how hot it has been in Penang after that downpour on Saturday morning?)
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There is a also a side story to my glass of iced lemon tea.
After a few sips, I noticed a black insect (dead, of course) afloat on the ice cubes in the glass. I motioned for the waiter who came immediately and I showed him.
He apologized and without so much a question, he just took the glass right away to the bar.
I noticed they actually started making another glass of iced lemon tea.
When the waiter brought me my drink, he still apologized.

That was something that I was truly impressed with; EXCELLENT customer service:)
No question, and attentive to customer's needs, something that you get what you paid for.

Our dinner rolls came, fluffy and soft buns
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Attached with the takeaway butter and two butter knives
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Creamy pumpkin soup with roasted almond flakes on top
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I am a non-pumpkin lover, but the soup was really rich and tantalizing to your taste buds.
A small sip I took but it was more than enough as I could really taste and sense the golden pumpkin which had such a strong scent.
It was nice; with the golden pumpkin aroma nicely blended to make this soup, it was really appetizing.
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Come the mushroom soup
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Again, I am no soup person but I read the menu that this soup contains three types of mushroom and is actually their specialty soup.
A spoon of the soup, and I can tell you, this is one of the best mushroom soup I have tasted so far (I don't know about the rest of you; since this is only true for me:)
Similar to the pumpkin soup, the mushroom soup was truly blended with the inclusion of the fresh mushrooms (you could taste and bite the tiny bits of the mushroom), and the soup was thick and not too creamy as some were.
It was delicious; it was like a bowl of cereal; only with mushrooms.
Thumbs up from pickyeater!:)

Spaghetti Arabiatta
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Main course with a spicy exterior and loads of mushrooms.
The gravy looks really thick; and there are bits of tomatoes tasted in the gravy.

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The spaghetti was cooked to sheer perfection; with the springy texture of the spaghetti and the gravy complimented it very well with a very very light tinge of sourish spiciness.
The mushrooms were generous and it was definitely an appetizing dish; also one of the nicest spaghetti tasted (even in comparison to some Italian restaurants around here!)

Black Pepper Fish was simple in presentation
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The gravy was again, thick and pepper-y!
The fish fillet was pan fried and it was not oily!
I find the fish fillet rather burnt at the bottom side; which I suspected due to the small amount of oil they used.

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However, I must say that they managed to maintain the fresh and juicy taste of the fish fillet, which is not too dry/hard nor too juicy that it feels sickening after a while.
It was thinly battered and pan fried with haste before serving with the gravy.

Only suggestion, they should probably serve the vegetables plainly boiled/steamed instead of adding with butter:(

Desserts was indicated as free flow of ice-cream from their Nestle ice-cream counter at the back of the shop.
However, the waiters were so kind as to serve us the first round of ice-cream which was also the only round for us anyway;)

This is another scenario I observed, the waiter scooped the first scoop and another guy (most probably the owner and the iced lemon tea guy - read above), walked and offered him another dessert plate; and took away the first scoop.
I think it was because it was not a perfectly moulded scoop; as I noticed the ice-cream guy took some time to scoop.
Wow, talk about customer perfectionist! :)

A choice of blueberry ice cream scoop
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And chocolate chip ice-cream...
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Perfectly round?

Overall, I must say I was not disappointed by the food served here and defintely their service is excellent!
Thumbs up from PickyEater and my only hope is that their quality will maintain and not deteriorate like the others on my next visit.

Of course, there will be a next visit for me... *grins*


  1. Hmm I'm turned off by the rolls they serve as starter... same deal with Mizi... sliced Gardenia, if I'm not mistaken. But I can easily overlook that, since I like the sound of the service! Very rare to come by!

  2. HA! so you finally went uh! I like the soup very much but I don't like the Spaghetti Arabiatta. Personal liking lah. :)

  3. Wow ... seems like you give them a thorough review too ...

    They also served the cheapest birds nest in town. RM45 per bowl ... I will go back to try their birds nest soon. Need to replenish some vitamins. XD

  4. During the hot weather now, the ice cream looks good now...I want some Hahaha...

  5. Wah, the spaghetti looks absolutely delicious! I love thick gravy.

    I like this type of creamy mushroom soup, but hubby like the other type like serves in Little Itally.

  6. you finally went there!!!

  7. food looks good ler .. especially the soup!! and i always like free flow ice cream!!

  8. 550ml, you're right, great service are like lost gems in this era!:p

  9. cariso, yeah..*blushes*, I finally went:p
    Haha, no offense taken, at least the soup was the winner!

  10. email2me, oh ya!! Bird's nest at only RM45, that's worth it...I also want:)

  11. wmw, oh ya...I hate the hot spell right now!!
    It's so BURNING hot!!!!:(

  12. Little Inbox, oh ya, the soup here is good!
    Again, that's a matter of preference, right?
    On the positive side, you get to toggle between these 2 places...haha, hubby likes Little Italy, wifey likes Louis:)

  13. nkotb, yah...finally...hahaha....*blushes*
    Don't laugh at me ya...:p

  14. Duckie, so when is your turn next to go?
    *waiting eagerly for your review* :)