Friday, July 18, 2008

Bali Hai Seafood

Gurney Drive is a street lined with a setting of al-fresco dining due to its strategic location near the sea.
At night, this area is rather busy and happening with the lights and also all the operating restaurants.
Being near the sea, most of the restaurants here specialize in seafood.

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One of such seafood restaurants which attracts the attention with the huge lobster-like lighted ornament is the Bali Hai Restaurant.
These restaurants offer fresh seafood and owns a few aquariums in which they breed their own fish, prawns, lobsters and patrons are given the choice to select from the aquarium directly.

They will usually recommend their specialty fish such as Tiger Garoupa, etc which I find rather pricey (approximately RM16 per kg for one fish I was recommended).
My personal preference still is the normal Garoupa, no fancy stuffs steamed with a slight whiff of the Chinese white wine.
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The fish was rather fresh and priced at RM60, it was really good.

Not wanting to mess our hands on crabs at that particular time, we tried out the Stir-fried Squids in Kung Pow style; basically toss-fried with dried red chillies.
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This dish was rather tantalizing as well; and adds to the appetite.

A recommended and newly-introduced dish was this Scallop and prawn fried cakes cooked with half-boiled egg gravy and crunchy vegetables.
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It was a winner of the meal for that night; and I find the taste rather unique.
The scallops were really huge as well.
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Pricing wise, the whole meal was rather reasonably priced at RM90++ for two (my boss's treat) and I enjoyed the food here.
I will definitely come back to try the other dishes here:)


  1. shame on me.... I've not been to this place.

  2. 16 per fish not tat exp rite?? tiger garoupa usually sells rm9 per 100gm 16rm means baby tiger garoupa?

  3. Its pricy but it sure's a great way to enjoy a meal. Dont feel bad new kid on the blog. I havent done any better although I have been there only once.