Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Say Poke!

What first comes to your mind when the word 'poke' is used?
If you are thinking of an action, or also a card game or even the greeting made popular by social media, then think again, for would a food blogger place something non-related to food on her food blog?

Right on the dot, for this poke is none of the above described, but rather a type of raw dish appetizer popular in Hawaii.
Pronounced as 'poh-key', this is a fusion dish using cubed raw fish slices (usually yellowfin tuna, or 'ahi') which is similar to that of sashimi, and then marinated with condiments such as soy or/and sesame oil, limu seaweed and chili pepper.

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At a glance, this seems more like something to be found in Asia rather than here, and it is not wrong to think so, as located across the Pacific, this Hawaiian appetizer has been heavily influenced by the Asian; especially the Japanese from which the idea of the raw fish probably came about in the first place.
Hawaiian cuisine, was also a blend of many different cultures; which slowly formed the identity of the local cuisine and varieties found on the islands.

I was fascinated with the Poke; and enjoyed this interesting and innovative mix which even included some sticky rice at the bottom.
The blends of the condiments made the poke taste so delicious and lip smacking that I found myself enjoying the small portion served; which was a sample handed out by a new cafe.
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This is a must try if one is in Hawaii; for this is truly a food which is unique and if that is not enough, this is a dish which dates long back to its origins and has been a traditional food ever since.
The poke has evolved since, and nowadays innovative vendors are making various types of pokes; including other forms of seafood; prawns, squids, octopus into the mixture.

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A Poke, anyone?

I think I saved some for you guys,  here, a photo for you to relish in ;)

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  1. Heh, I thought I'd seen this before... I remember another blog I follow mentioning this a few months ago but I'd forgotten all about it until now - it sounds really interesting! I gotta say though, when I think of "poke", I think of that annoying Facebook thing... "Xyz has poked you! Do you want to poke them back?" :@

  2. LOL Charles, I didn't like the poke function that much either, and initially I even thought it was a rude way of greeting someone whom you call friend!:)
    Haha, now this is a different Poke; a likable one, I promise;)

  3. Teasing us with your yummy photos are you!