Thursday, May 03, 2012

Health boosters packed in an Acai Bowl

Another Hawaiian treat that must not be missed is the healthy and scrumptious Acai Bowl.

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This is said to be a fruit bowl; after all, the acai berry is a fruit on its own as well.
Although said to originate with the acai berries, other fruits could be included into this health booster packed with rich ingredients to help improve the immune system besides providing a delicious treat.

Though it is popular among the surfers in Hawaii and California, it is unique that this bowl of treat originated from Brazil.
The small purple fruit is a little like the blackberry, and is the main ingredient in this bowl; along with granola and nuts and syrup to sweeten the mixture.

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This is definitely a energy booster; with its rich ingredients packed with the vital essentials of vitamins and minerals to get one on a healthy start.
However, I was not too big of a fan of the sweet and also the nutty part of it since I am not really that fond of sweet stuffs.

It was something new to me; and it felt like having a raw non-dairy yoghurt mixture. It is a mixture of tastes; but the version we tried probably weighed more on the sweeter scale.
There are many more varieties of the acai bowls; which used different fruit condiments to complement the acai berries.

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This may be the most recommended treat in O'ahu, but I still think that this is something which is to be judged by one's preferences as some may or may not like it.

So, I say, this is definitely one for the adventurous?
Have you tried an acai bowl before?


  1. This looks super healthy! I could do with one of those now that the weather is getting cooler.

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  3. I have never heard of this but you make it look tempting.

  4. You know, I don't think I had acai berry before... what's it like? I'm really jealous sometimes because I'd love to have ingredients like these available to me too! :(