Friday, August 27, 2010

The most affordable Fish-y meal!

Would you believe me if I tell you that you can get 2 fish for one price; and order two more dishes and yet still pay less than RM50 for a meal for 5 pax?

Yeah, believe it now because we found it in this particular restaurant in Mahkota Cheras; Restoran GT.

Now, they are not big nor reputable like Tai Thong group of restaurants, no, far from it. They are just a small group of people who does the Chu Char business in the kitchen of this restaurant.
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How my parents managed to find out about them beats me =P

Menu, only one sheet like this, simple and straight-forwardImage Hosted by PicturePush - Photo Sharing

Whatever it says on the menu, I know I am here for a Fish-y meal, because I was already informed that the fish here is really reasonably priced.
The fish, meaning the cheap ol' talapia fish which is not exactly that cheap anymore these days.
I'm not sure, have you realized that when you eat out, fish can be so super duper expensive????

I love garoupa, grouper, threadfin, goby, etc but they cost a bomb! (Although I still find time and place to enjoy them sometimes, well, just to pamper ourselves more;)

My parents, are just the wise spenders they are =)

We had the Deep Fried Talapia
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Talapia in their Assam sauce
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Vege: Stir-fried romaine lettuce at RM8
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Another side dish; Assam Sotong (RM12)
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Whole meal costs less than RM50, and now you must be bursting with surprise, and curiosity as to how much the fish really costs???

Well, the price, going at promotional price is only RM9!!!

No kidding, seriously, that's why we ordered two fish! If you ordered 3, it's still cheaper than what you get for one fish in other restaurants!

Now, is that not seriously the MOST affordable FISH-Y meal you've ever heard???


  1. I wish to have such promotion in Penang zhu char! Haha! :)

  2. Cariso, seriously, I do agree with you! Fish in Penang can be sooooooooo expensive!!!! =(

  3. ya, why huh? PG is an island somemore

  4. Gill gill, yeah, beats me too....something weird somewhere somehow. I kept asking this same question to all the Penangites and somehow no one can answer me this.

  5. Hey, u have win the voucher given by me, can u e-mail ur address to me , thanks :)