Thursday, September 06, 2007

A little Dim Sum

Another of my pickyeats is dim sum; but not all the food though:D
I went for a quickie breakfast with DearDear after landing in Penang and we went to our usual dim sum haunt in town :)

After such a long time..think it has been months since we patronized them; the staff were so welcoming and kept asking why didn't we go for so long!!:D
Haha...nice ol' feeling of belonging:p

Anyway, I was happy to see that they have come up with some innovation to their dim sum; there were a couple of new dim sum:D And I was happy because it's those prawn dumplings!!:D
Look at this; Dim Sum #1
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It's actually beancurd (tofu) dumpling with shrimps filling!
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Not bad; really nice...and not salty or anything like that:)
Suits my picky tastes lar...hehe:p

Dim Sum #2....
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Closer look; this is actually fish+ shrimp dumplings with 2-3 pieces of chopped tofu in it.
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The outer layer wrapping the shrimps were actually fish fillets you nice:)
And the fish slices were not thin; plus the texture was kinda smooth...I was still trying to think what fish this is...since I am a fish lover:p

This is the shrimp with chive dumplings:)
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And my usual order; Fishballs...theirs are nice:)
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  1. okay... that beancurd with shrimps filling is such a treasure! just too bad that we didn't get to savour them when we were in penang 2 months ago :(

  2. Hmmm, hv not been to that place... nice or not har?

  3. meiyen, I totally agree with you!!:D
    No problem, there's plenty of opportunities in the's still in Malaysia:)

    new kid, the place is actually not bad and it's just like one of those old dim sum places that you see in HK movies with lots of old regulars...
    Not all those "wow-factors", just some old conventional dim sum in an old place and with friendly staff!:)

  4. Wah, tofu in dim sum? Btw, Christy, I can't load all the pics. Maybe you wanna reduce the amount of posts to be display in one page.