Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ah Por's Leng Chee Kang

One of my favourite desserts; and this was bought from the Glutton Square (Wai Sik Kai) in Kepong...the old one near Kei Tak Sek dessert stall:)
It was run by an old granny and her middle-aged daughter....
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I especially loved the white fungus and lotus seeds; but that night seems that Ah Por (old granny) wasn't around and this was packed by the daughter.....everything seems to be minimal...small quantities:(
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Used to be Rm1.50 then raised to RM1.70 and now, it's RM2
Not too sweet and pretty refreshing for a soothing effect whether it's served hot or cold:)


  1. does looks very refreshing indeed on a hot sunny day..

  2. Yeah...and it tastes that way too:)
    Definitely one of my fave picky eats:D
    And hi to you, Joe!~:D Welcome to my picky world:p