Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Dinner with Family

It was my last day in KL...(I had to go back the following day...*sobs*)
We had dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants in Taman Bukit Maluri; near my uncle's place. In fact,it was my uncle who recommended us this place:)
We went out despite the heavy rain to this Restoran Kok Heng. It used to be a "Tai Chow" stall by the roadside but has since expanded to owning a shop lot directly opposite their stall.We got to know about this place after their expansion:p
This was my 2nd visit with my family (and we chose to sit in the shop lot which was air-conditioned!)

Okay, cut the story short and move on to the food....
(Btw, a disclaimer, my family are not pickyeaters like me..haha,but they order food that I can eat so that everyone can enjoy a meal..:p )

Soup of the day (this is on the house:)
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It's actually bean soup
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I am not a fan of soups; in fact I rarely drink soups...but this was beans and the soup was actually not bad....not oily:)
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Even Mum said this is nice and she will try to cook it the next time:D

Okay, to our dishes ordered....
The first to arrive is this Sizzling Pan of prawns...
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The sauce used was sweet and sour and no, it's not spicy!:D
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It looks a bit oily though that day:(
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Prawns were fresh...just oily:p

The greens; we ordered the "Fan Shu Yip" (directly translated as tapioca leaves?:p) fried in Belacan...
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And lastly, my fish fish dish!!!
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Fish fillets with ginger and spring onions...
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Also oily...Daddy actually tilted the plate so that the fish won't be "swimming" in the oil...especially since I have such a sensitive tummy:(
The lady boss passed by and saw this and she was pretty apologetic...and said she needs to reprimand the chef for the oily cooking..LOL!
But the fish was actually quite nice; was actually quite soft and juicy when you bite into it:)
I always liked fish fillets, coz it's easier without the bones to worry about..hehe:)

All our dishes on the table...
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When it was time to foot the bill, the lady boss apologized again and told us that she had already reprimanded the chef.She also mentioned that the next time, they can re-cook the dish if it doesn't suit our tastes...pretty nice hospitality, right?:D
The drinks were on the house; as a compensation of her guilt...hehe:)

The total bill came up to RM38; not bad for a family of 4, ain't it?:)

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