Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Mid Autumn!!

HAPPY Mid Autumn to everyone out there (a little late I know) but I have been really busy and AM still busy...barely sleeping; but I finally took some time out(stole a break! I missed blogging so much and today, I blogged away:p)

Back to Mid-Autumn festival or known as Mooncake or Tanglung festival to many, I am sure most of us were really nostalgic as we revive memories of lanterns lighting and bearing around the gardens during our childhood days.
Traditionally, all Chinese festivals were meant to bring the family together for a reunion (an important concept in the roots of Chinese customs) and Mid Autumn festival not excluded from this tradition as well.
Sadly, the busy working world today has slowly contributed to the diminishing of this practice and also, partly due to the weekday it falls on.
As for me, I was also working late!! SIGHS!! :(

Anyway, on a lighter note, I went shopping and found some interesting jelly mooncakes which I bought last year.
Mind you, I am NO fan of mooncakes; in fact I don't really like mooncakes...absurd huh?
Now, that's one of the picky things about me....but this round, I find these kinda unique and they were actually made of a type of Japanese jelly; Konyaku jelly.
I bought a box for my friends and I bought 2 for myself to try...

These are the 2 fruity flavoured jellies I bought; the white is the Lychee with Dragonfruit filling and the green is the honeydew jelly with blueberry filling!
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Isn't that too good to be true? All my favourite fruits:D
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Red dragonfruit filling!!!
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Blueberry filling!!!
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I kinda liked them; not too overly sweet but I still can't take much of this "pastey" filling:P (Never did like this sort of thing:)

I bought another 2 and shared them with my friends;
The brown one; Coffee jelly with red bean filling - too overwhelming with the combination of two such strong tastes!
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The green was the Green Tea jelly with Green Tea filling...this was rather nice; rather pleasant in taste:)

How about you? Had any fun with mooncakes and your celebration?
I am sure you all did!!
Happy Mid Autumn!~


  1. interesting... where did you buy them? looks different from mine though... :D

  2. meiyen, Yeah,and I kinda liked it; especially the honeydew with blueberry flavour:D
    I bought them from those small stalls in the shopping mall here in Penang, not sure whether they have branches in KL

  3. I had never heard of this before the blog world. I looked for mooncakes in the DC Chinatown, but alas, I couldn't find any. They look so pretty.

  4. kelly, yeah, they do....there's so many other varieties offered and they come in various colors and designs - just so cute!:)

  5. wei, hallo hallo... which shopping mall in Penang wor??

  6. New Kid, hello hello too...hehe, Queensbay Mall:)
    But you need to wait until next year:D