Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yellow Egg Cakes

Another version of Egg Cakes; the original flavour from the main market in Kepong.
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Mum used to buy this from the market. This stall is run by a couple who also sells bao and other kueh as well; but it's just a very small stall; easily missed. It is located at a junction near the famous Soya Bean shop and also facing the back of the Mobil station.
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This is rather fluffy and really fresh when we got it...hehe....nice eh....
This is another one that satisfied my picky eats...and something I do eat:p


  1. Kepong market huh.. noted! The colour looks nice too :)

    May I ask which field of engineering are you in? I'm studying computer engineering currently ^.^

  2. Hehe...let me know if you need the directions or I can FED-ex to you:D

    I was actually from IT background but am now in semicon; in a way also doing computer, electrical, mechanical engineering, etc:p

  3. Hi Christy, you're in semicon ?? am working in semicon....

    the yellow cake, cantonese called that kai tan koh... (chicken egg kuih)