Monday, September 03, 2007

Jack's Place at 1U

Bro had to work on Merdeka's Eve...remember the Prince Andrew's visit?
Anyway, I wanted to bring Mum and Dad out for a good lunch and also to spend more quality time with them:)
Mum's favourite is always Jack's Place and since it was a Thursday; an even day of the week, there's bound to be fish which was also Mum's favourite:D
So I drove Mum and Dad to the nearest 1 Utama; and headed to the new wing..the Rainforest's area where the Jack's Place outlet is located:)
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I seriously cannot remember how often I blogged about this...haha:D
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We reached there at about 1pm and it was pretty crowded (since they run set lunch promotions at RM13.80++)
We seated ourselves this side table:)

We didn't have to wait long before our starters; a basket of garlic bread came.
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And the soup for the day was Minestrone favourite!!:D
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A little sourish and not enough vegetables...hehe...but still nicer than those soups with creamy textures:p
*There you go, my picky tastes/tummy are always different from others:D

Our main
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All 3 of us ordered the same...haha, the fish fillet with oregano sauce....
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I forgot to ask them to separate the sauce!:(
Anyway, the sauce was nice and fragrant, not smelt like mushrooms:)

It was not the sweet and sour sauce I tried in Little Cottage in Penang.....

Oooo...and this was the nice surprising dessert...
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It was honeydew pudding for that day!!!
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No coconut milk in the pudding:D
Fragrant and there's even nata de coco in it:D

And we met a very nice manager..who manages this outlet in 1U:)
He overheard us speaking Hokkien and approached us...:)
Very friendly guy who also hails from Penang....
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I even got a souvenir...hehe...not gonna publish here...

If you're reading this Derrick, just wanna express our thanks for the great hospitality that day!:)

My family liked going to Jack's place and we're really delighted to hear that they are looking at opening more outlets here in KL (it originates from Singapore).
*I am not advertising for them...hehe, just a piece of truth...we liked the food here:)


  1. Jack's Place! Your mom has good taste! I've been there once and the food was pretty good. :)

  2. Yeah....haha,and you wonder who I get such exquisite taste buds from...:p