Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday afternoon with a Fruit Cocktail and salmon

It has been a while since I have had enjoyed a quiet weekend afternoon in that classy tea time style, and when I think of afternoon tea, with all that vintage tea cups and the lovely ambiance, there is only place that comes to mind.

Winter Warmers is definitely no longer a new name in the food and beverage industry with the opening of a few outlets even on the Penang island.

I just love the environment in this place (regardless of which outlet, since they are all of the same concept), and this outlet in Precinct 10, Tanjung Tokong seemed to have a life of her own with the brightly lit place from the direct sun rays shining through the windows, which have been adorned with fine English flower prints speckled all over the creamy luxe of the curtains.
I have been to Winter Warmers on countless occasions, and it still sends my heart fluttering whenever I see the adorable setting in the place the moment I step in.
It is like being in an English countryside home, without leaving on a jet plane.

English tea sets and collectibles displayed in a glass cabinet

Even the menu is done in a rustic style

My favorite usual is always the Mixed Fruit Cocktail, but this round, I opted for something different; the Apple Lemon Fruit Cocktail (MYR13.90) which sounded like a refreshing choice with a little zesty treat (think citrusy!)

Love the presentation of the fruit cocktail; and take note that this is a pure fruit and non-alchoholic cocktail. It is all filled with the fruity flavor of the combination with tiny bits of finely chopped apples served in a glass, just perfect for that rejuvenating treat on a hot afternoon.
(The weather has been taking it a notch upward in the heat measurement these days).

This is for an individual serving, although I'd be happy to share it anytime :-)

This is how you do it, and I just love the color!~

Go bananas with an Iced Banana Milk (MYR8.90); if you are not into the tea or fruit cocktails for something non-tea yet frothy with the sweet hint of, bananas.

Lighted Salmon Mustard (MYR25.90) was a light yet satisfying fill of a richly grilled modestly-sized salmon fillet served with a light creamy mustard sauce.

(It was perfect to fulfill my craving for salmon these days~)

Nothing beats the perfect Sunday afternoon blues (when one is reminded of Monday following suit the next day), than having a perfect fruity cocktail/drink and a satisfying meal like this.

So, who says if you are not into alcohol you can't enjoy a cocktail? I just did... :-)

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