Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All about Fish at Restoran Kolam Ikan

Starting from its humble beginnings in the comforts of their own sanctuary in the hidden parts of the remote areas in Kulim, Restoran Kolam Ikan was surrounded by man-made ponds amidst the dug up holes breeding freshwater fish such as tilapia, catfish, patin, etc.
The place was so well-known among the industrial workers in the Kulim Industrial Zone that it boomed from a small town family business to being featured in the local food program me hosted by Axian and expanded to opening another outlet in a residential neighborhood.

It is not too hard to locate this place, especially if you are already a worker in the Kulim industrial zone. Otherwise, just follow the road to the town and you will see Old Town on your left; following after you should keep to your left and then make a first turn to the right into a terrace neighborhood.
It would be far more tricky to get to the original location, and perhaps I will need to explore and share with you in a separate post someday.

Comparing to its original remote location which goes through a short tree-laden road (it would be convenient to have a four wheel drive to go through the bumpy road) and sitting at tables with the odor coming from the ponds and the flies driving you crazy, I would welcome this far more comfortable setting in a familiar terrace house compound.

Do not expect a widespread menu filled with all sorts of choices; as they are only specialized in certain dishes and fish; especially freshwater fish ranks high on the list.
Ask for the types of fish they have; which will usually revolve around the usual patin, catfish, etc.

They have this bottled homemade herbal drink; which costs MYR5.00 per bottle and is usually the value-for-money choice for most patrons here, especially in the hot and humid weather we have here in our country.

Triple-flavored tilapia fish is one of my personal favorites here. It is not easy to find this tilapia fish in the northern region, as compared to the city.

The size of the fish varies, and this round we were given a smaller fish which costs only about MYR19.
The fish is deep fried before being cooked with the combination of a sweet and sour sauce spiced up with finely chopped chilies, onions and garlic to make this an appetizing and flavorful dish.

Their mushroom dish is a house specialty, and I was told that one just need to mention mushroom and this is the only way they serve it.
Stir-fried mushrooms with dried chilies and soy sauce (MYR6)

A simple yet fulfilling dish which seemed like a comfort dish, with the oyster mushrooms complimented with the watery sauce flavored by the spices borrowed from the dried chilies.

Stir-fried water spinach/Kangkung with bellman (shrimp paste) (MYR6)

Yes, this is a favorite dish here and also among the Malaysians :-)
One of the most value worthy vegetable to have at any time! ;-)

The dishes ordered; indeed a very satisfying and value for money lunch yet with a fulfilling spread of tastes from home!~


  1. yum! looks great! when we were visiting Malaysia, we hear fish head curry is an expensive delicacy!

  2. What a fantastic find... am sure I would love that triple flavoured tilapia too.

  3. Great place for fish and seafood.
    The triple flavored tilapia is calling my name:)

  4. Great place for fish and seafood.
    The triple flavored tilapia is calling my name:)

  5. Ooh I love the look of the sauce on the fish.

  6. sprinkleandsauce, oooh, it depends on where you are as there are some places which are really good at reasonable prices too! ;-)

  7. Baby Sumo, yup...I have known this place from its original outlet for almost a decade now! :-)

  8. Daniela, ooo...that triple flavors really just made it all the better...yums! :-)

  9. The Yum List, you're right....just yummylicious! :-D

  10. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Do avoid the tomyam paste way of steaming any fishes when deciding on steam fish in this place, the paste is really below par.