Friday, April 04, 2014

Mushroom Cabbage Mix Stir Fry

From the home kitchen is a simple plate of stir fry mix of shredded cabbage and mushrooms (just love these), along with red chilies and slices of cuttlefish balls and shrimps.

I didn't cook this; a rather fortunate and unfortunate thing at the same time (Fortunate is I don't think it will turn out this good if I were behind the wok, and unfortunate is, I don't have the recipe to share with the eager cooks out there).
However, being a mixed stir fry, it pretty much means you could mix and match with any vegetable that you like; or as it is done in our home, the vegetable of the day (whatever is fresh and purchased from the market that same morning).
You could mix the vegetables, or even add any accompanying ingredients to your liking; from fish to prawns or even crab meat, and if you're not a fan of seafood, meat would do (chicken, pork, beef, mutton, etc), you get the drift.
For just a plain vegetable dish, just mix and toss in all the vegetables that you like and that definitely constitutes as mixed stir fry.

The key is just to be spontaneous, and go with the flow to customize your own stir fry!

As for me, I am good to stay where I am, tasting the food and enjoying every bite of it! ;-)


  1. Can't go wrong with shrimps, and yes, we do fry this Chinese cabbage like this at times but I prefer it in soup - added just before serving so it will not be overcooked.Nice in steamboat too.

  2. this one would be great for my sister ... she loves mushrooms! i must admit that i'm a bit less passionate about mushrooms, but that's the way i've been since i was a kid, heh :)

  3. suituapui, Ooooh, I would think that it is perfect with soup or steamboat too! Mushrooms are just so versatile! ;-)

  4. Sean, haha, there's no worries about that, it's always a matter of preferences. I was alright with mushrooms when I was a kid, but I grew up loving them! ;-)