Monday, April 28, 2014

It's a Malaysian Affair @ Pappa Rich

When one thinks of the local Malaysian fare, one would associate with the wide array of selection made colorful by the different ethnicities we have in the country.
The Malaysians are also a bunch of down-to-earth folks and they do not mind crouching on small chairs by the side of the roads, taking in the food from the makeshift stalls, never mind the scorching heat we have in the country and still frequent middle to high end restaurants from time to time.
These are the typical scenes of a Malaysian lifestyle, and you can tell that we are definitely a versatile lot, ready to adapt to any type of environment when it comes to food.

Food is definitely a big part of the average Malaysian life, with eateries spawning everywhere in the country. From small road stalls, to marketplace, to cafes, food courts, fine dining, restaurants, hotels and even from carts pushed around, there is just food to be found everywhere and those are definitely signs of Malaysians' love for food. There is just no limit to the time or types of food which are available throughout the country, it is just part and parcel of the local culture.

The local Malaysian delights are what makes up the unique culture of the country and they are easily found, at affordable prices too, and Malaysians would go to even the remotest of places to hunt for famous food, and yes, to the extent of tolerating the crazy high temperatures we have here on most days. (*Sweats*)

Now, think of having all the Malaysian delights consolidated in one place, and in a decent environment (without having to crouch by the roadside or in remote villages) with ceiling fans or air-conditioning, along with retro marble tables and chairs for one to sit on and big leather-bound menus showcasing all the varieties of food and drinks.

Sounds like an ideal setting and a dream come true?

Well, think no further than the popular Pappa Rich, which promises the above concept and a portal for all the Malaysian food that you can think of under one roof in a comfortable dining environment.

Established in the year 2005; the Malaysian-themed cafe/restaurant had wooed the hearts of the majority of the local population with its wonderful variety of local Malaysian delights in its almost one decade of operation.

Striving to promote the local Malaysian food and culture to the likes of international brands like Starbucks, Pappa Rich is indeed determined to bring out the best of the country to the local market and also worldwide and is an admirable ambition; which is now a reality with the growth and expansion of the business, as we see the increasing numbers of the Pappa Rich outlets popping out all over the country.

The thick leather bound menu, with endless options of Malaysian delights to tempt you and you just feel like you wanted to order almost everything at a go.

Start off to cool the heat of the day with a glass of Cold/Iced Cendol mixed with Red Bean (MYR7.90)

Enjoy the taste of the delicious red beans, which were cooked in a traditional method, as it is blended with the smooth strips of cendol with milk. It is a taste which will make you crave for more.

It is not easy to find a good blend of iced red bean, and some may turn out too milky for my liking, but Pappa Rich has definitely gotten it right with this, and to give it a local Malaysian kick, the addition of cendol was perfect.

The Malaysians would definitely enjoy a good bowl of Ice Kacang anytime of the day, or we call it ABC too (Ais Batu Campur; which translates to Mixed Shaved Ice - and the ABC also gives the idea that it is a mix of everything).
The sweet savory dessert loved by Malaysians were also given a signature style; while preserving its original taste in this version by Pappa Rich.

Pappa ABC (MYR6.90)

A generous mix of grass jelly (cincau), red beans, sweet corn, cendol, peanuts atop shaved ice drenched with the sweet and fragrant Gula Melaka syrup, was just a delightful local dessert, adored by all Malaysians.

Savor the all-time Malaysian favorite; which is one versatile option for a meal at any time of the day.
From breakfast to dinner, the Nasi Lemak (steamed rice in coconut milk served with sides of spicy chili paste (sambal), deep fried anchovies, kacang putih (roasted groundnuts), half of a boiled egg and with other additions of choice) is just about the most loved Malaysian delight with its alluring aroma of panda leaves on which the rice combination is often placed upon or wrapped in.

Pappa Nasi Lemak (MYR11.90)
A rich aroma of steamed coconut rice with generous amounts of sambal paste and the ingredients, along with a curry chicken drumstick was the secret of seduction used by Pappa Rich in their own version of this famous delight.

For side orders, the Fried Fish Cake (MYR6.90) would be a good option.
Chewy and definitely tasty with the rich texture and aroma of the ground fish paste deep fried to a golden brown, one bite would make one's fork head for another.
(It will be slightly oily, but it was not too bad and the fish cakes were best eaten when it's hot).
I didn't know why they would serve the chili sauce in packets, as the other outlets I have gone to usually serve them in little saucer plates.

For a taste of local Malaysian cake, the Steamed Gula Melaka cake (MYR4.90) was a surprisingly enjoyable treat with its soft and fluffy texture of the steamed cake.
The fragrant aroma of the rich brown Gula Melaka immersed in the cake and served when it's just steamed from the kitchen just makes this so appealing when one bites into the pillowy soft fluff.

Prices may appear as steep for the local Malaysian street fare at a glance, but the portions and generosity of the ingredients, along with the comfortable environment, cleanliness and attentive service of the waiters do make up part of the equation.

The operating hours differ for the different outlets; though generally they are open throughout the day from 8.30am until midnight.
(Some of the outlets may be open until 2am, or even 24 hours).

They have outlets all over Malaysia and they can also be found in prominent shopping malls.

(Below: outlet in E-Gate, Penang)

There is no other that can say it better than Pappa Rich, serving local Malaysian delights and the all-time favorites, all day long~


  1. pappa rich is indeed one of my favorite modern kopitiam franchises.

  2. Hello KY! It has been a long time,LOL!:-)

    Yes, I find it better than Old Town, what say you? ;-)

  3. I have to admit I've never been into Pappa Rich, fearing something that was too much like a chain pumping out overly processed foods. After looking at your pics though and reading your words, I'll have to take a second look.

  4. it's been a very hot day today, so the ais kacang looks very appealing here! :)

  5. The Yum List, same here...I was like you too..thinking it was just street fare at overpriced tags but I was dragged by my colleagues on several occasions. It was not bad at all, in fact, much better than Old Town, imho ;-)

  6. Sean, yes, it has been very very hot lately....and the brief showers do not help, at all! :-(