Monday, April 21, 2014

A romantic evening in Ferringhi Garden

Dimly lit with man-made waterfalls amidst the white table clothed oak tables with lighted candles in glass lamps and fresh stalks of orchids surrounded by lush greenery, Ferringhi Garden is set as one of the most romantic (outdoor) venues to grace the shores of Penang.
The place has been around for the past few years, and I have personally visited and dined here in its earlier days (read about it here).

Recently I have revisited the place for a little celebration, and the place, to both my surprise and delight has not changed over the years, (perhaps a change in the staff or the cooks) and everything still looks the same as before. I was here a little later in the evening to experience the night atmosphere and ambiance, said to be really romantic and beautiful as darkness falls.

I was definitely not disappointed, as the place did come to life with the meticulously placed lights in the right spots, and the amount of lighting used to create that sentimental environment.
Everything did seem right here, from the ambiance to the service which was superb by the way as the staff went out of their way to attend to each of our requests, and there is always a smile on their faces.
There is no such thing as an odd request to them, nor did we sense that there was any form of judgment towards their customers. It was truly service with a smile, and I am impressed :-)

Peach Smoothie (MYR16) was a delightful and flavorful treat, with its fragrant peachy scent filling the entire drink.
I was figuring if they used fresh peaches or concentrate for this, as it did taste a little puree-like and was tad a bit too sweet for my liking, but in general, still a pleasant drink and I am a fan of peach, so yes, I am biased :-)

Seafood Carbonara with Spaghetti (MYR22)
Rich and creamy, the spaghetti was accompanied by an abundance and assortment of fresh seafood; from juicy prawns to mussels and squids, and generously portioned chunks of salmon too.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon (MYR56)
Air flown salmon grilled to perfection and as I have been craving for salmon for quite a while, this was the taste that fits the bill of what I wanted.
(I also love salmon, but I favor only perfection when it comes to my favorite fish, and I am extremely picky when it comes to fish).

I personally find that the quality of the food has improved over the years, and I am happy to add this to my list of favorite restaurants for fine dining.
The prices are on the higher side, but still reasonable for fine dining and the ambiance and service made up the whole package.

I think I know where to recommend for romantic dining; especially for the outdoorsy folks the next time anyone asks me.
As for me, I definitely have my dibs on the salmon....

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