Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A Gift of Croissants

We had a lovely surprise last Friday when an uncle was here for a visit, and also to fulfill his yearly obligations to his parents during the commencement of the Qing Ming Festival.

Uncle, who traveled from Singapore brought us gifts, with love, all the way from his country of residence.
Freshly baked croissants, all the way from the Lion City.

Plain croissants; without filling, which leaves us at liberty to enjoy it simply the way it is or to stuff it with anything we want, from tuna, sardines, meat or even butter/jam?

They looked really beautiful, don't they? It was a little soft when it arrived, but a quick pop into the oven/microwave did the trick to put them back into their fluffy form; as though they were just freshly baked from our own oven.

Now, who loves plain croissants?
(These were really more special as it was a gift of love, from afar and truly, it will not taste like a normal croissant, don't you think?)


  1. Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog, will follow your blog :) - Yen/http://goodyfoodies.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Baby Sumo, lol, it's been a while, guess you might have forgotten me ;-P
    I have been in and out of action over the years ;-)