Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Dim Sum delights

Sundays are by default, days for rest and to be with families and loved ones after a whole week of slugging away at work. Of course, while it is denoted the Sabbath Day and seems like the end of the week, it also actually marks the beginning of the new week.
Sounds confusing, probably not, if you were to just focus on everything's good on Sunday, that would help.

For those who are up early on Sundays (some prefer to sleep in, catching up on their lost sleep over a long working week), typically they would be on the prowl for breakfast joints everywhere; crowding the coffee shops and market stalls as they go about doing their weekly grocery shopping from the fresh market.
I am a big fan of dim sum, and the term "morning tea" enlightens that whole concept which is practiced by most Chinese communities worldwide, especially in Hong Kong and China, where you can find long queues and overcrowded tables with strangers sharing their space with each other, nudging elbows just to enjoy some quality time with their families over little plates of dim sum for breakfast on Sundays.

Thankfully, our dim sum restaurants here are not as bad; though crowded, we do not have to go to that extent to share tables or take waiting numbers for a table.

If I am back in town, occasionally we would go for dim sum breakfast at this shop located in Bandar Sg Long, Koo Hiong which is just right in the first row of shophouses after the morning market.
I have previously blogged about this here, and I still love to post about it :-)

A glimpse of what we ordered off the bamboo steamer trays hand-carried by the workers here (they looked pretty heavy to me)

Braised pork ribs with fermented beans and chilies

Siew Mai (wrapped pork dumplings topped with colored sago balls to emulate crab roe)

Steamed fish balls (the ones here are my personal favorites)

Har Gao (steamed prawn dumplings wrapped in crystal skin)

Lor Mai Kai (Glutinous rice braised in a metal bowl with chicken meat and mushrooms)

Fish paste with century egg and celery wrapped with seaweed

Steamed stuffed pork with a topping of flattened shrimp with crystal skin

Minced meat with fish paste rolled with fried bean curd sheets

Meat paste wrapped with cabbage

Homemade Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun; with a combination of bbq pork (char siew) and shrimps as filling

Dim sum is just a delightful way of enjoying the variety of small bites in different flavors and style.
Though it can be pricey; with each of them priced between MYR2.00-MYR5.00 per plate each (relatively higher in cost compared to having a bowl of noodles or pastries for breakfast), it is still a fun treat to indulge in once in a while.
After all, what is the price tag to put on family quality time and the laughter on the faces?


  1. It is quite sad that we don't have much choices here in Penang, i thought the quality at most dim sum outlets has deteriorated much, what do you think?

  2. Har gao and chee cheong fun are my favourites! It's 10pm here and I'm hungry!! :-)

  3. I agree that the Sabbath is a day of rest and a day to get together with family and relax and unwind. I love the look of all the food you enjoyed at the Dim Sum. I've never tried a century egg! xx

  4. Long time no dim sum... these old-style ones looks good!

  5. Ken, I agree with you, that's why I only go to the same outlet almost every weekend, LOL!:-P
    It's hard to find good dim sum, and it's really really sad at the same time too :-(

  6. WokandSpoon, slaps hi-5 for Har Gao, I really am a big fan of Har Gao! :-D

  7. Hotly Spiced, I don't really like Century egg that much, to be frank, lol, but it's a matter of preference :-)
    Thanks for liking my page, and hope you enjoyed my posts!~

  8. Baby Sumo, yup, they sure are, so time for some dim sum! ;-)

  9. Yummmmm!!! Now you've got me craving for dim sum. That chee cheong fan sure looks alluring... Slurpssss!!!

  10. the hk chee cheong fan would be my top temptation too! i love dim sum and it reminds me of childhood weekend breakfasts with my family :)