Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sakae Sushi and Teppanyaki, Juru Autocity

Japanese restaurants are commonly found in Malaysia; not due to the large population of Japanese migrants in the country though we do have a sizable group of these expatriates and retirees settling down and calling here their second home, particularly in cities like Kuala Lumpur and Penang, but rather, the popularity of the cuisine among the local Malaysians.
It is no secret that the Malaysians are big fans of Japanese food, which gave rise to the eatery outlets appearing all over the country centering on the theme of the cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun.
From sushi conveyor belts in the fast food chain themed outlets to fine dining and even booth counters in supermarkets whipping out the simple street fare from Japan, there is almost something to fit everyone's appetite; not to mention the wallets too.

Sakae Sushi is one of the fastest growing chain of restaurants around here, making their way into most of the major populated areas and shopping malls. Offering a wide variety of  Japanese fare and making them affordable is one of the successful concept implemented by the chain which attracted the locals to flock to their outlets everywhere.
Furthermore, the introduction of the membership card and their monthly promotions kept them on the competitive edge with their other competing rivals in the same chain operation.

While the Sakae Sushi menu is not unfamiliar to me, they are similar across all the outlets except for this one outlet which I visited in Juru Autocity.
The addition of Teppanyaki section in the restaurant and on their menu set them apart from the other sister outlets and offered an extra appealing factor to the patrons.
Craving for teppanyaki food after watching a television show lately, this outlet of Sakae Sushi was one of the first which came to my mind that fits the bill.

Sakae Sushi and Teppanyaki in Penang's Juru Autocity is one of its kind with a separate section dedicated to the making of the teppanyaki sets and favorites, as listed in the additional part of the menu for the restaurant.
One can opt to sit at the counter to watch the chef in action, as he performs his skills in dishing out the tempting delights from the menu in a typical teppanyaki-themed restaurant, or sit by the sushi conveyor belt tables to enjoy more offerings from the belt.

As I was there for the teppanyaki, the following are the dishes which helped to satisfy some of my cravings, if not all.

The Japanese Okonomiyaki (MYR18.90) is an interesting type of Japanese styled pancake; with a mix of seafood and vegetables folded with a layer of thin egg batter, topped with katsuoboshi (bonito flakes), served with a sweet okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

While the ingredients could vary; from seafood to meat and vegetables, the Okonomiyaki is often compared to an omelette as well, and was also known as a Japanese Pizza.
It was a refreshing option if you want to move away from the conventional choices of Japanese food, and the generous amount of seafood (as this version is seafood-themed) just made this a satisfying fill.

My love for the salmon continues with this Grilled/Teppanyaki-styled salmon (MYR15.90); two modestly sized salmon served in plain grill.

Seafood Yaki Udon (MYR18.90)
Thick udon noodles pan fried with seafood, mix vegetables and mushrooms topped with deep fried carrot sticks and bonito flakes is a tantalizing carb fix to complete the meal

It was all a satisfying experience, and definitely all about Teppanyaki on that day.

This outlet in Juru Autocity is famed for the teppanyaki section; belting dishes at affordable prices and offering a wide variety of seafood options.

There is ample parking space in front of the restaurant and also nearby if you are early, and on weekends as the place is often crowded during the peak lunch hours on weekdays with the mass from the nearby industrial zone.

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