Thursday, February 02, 2012

I am AWAY on vacation!

Dearest readers and followers of my blog,
I can't tell you how pleased I have been with your comments and constant visits which motivated me to keep going with my blog. I LOVED writing, and at the same time, reading all those funny, inspiring and wonderful comments from ALL of you.
You have no idea how much it means to me.

I would love to blog every day, you know that, but, for the next week, I will be away on vacation, and I will be back with updates sometime by Valentine's *winks*
I am sorry for the recent frequently away/vacation status, but this time is a really important vacation and one that I have been looking forward to.

I will miss my blog and ALL you guys, but I know you will understand and stay put, waiting for me to come back, won't you?
I AM GONNA Be back, so don't leave my blog :P

I hope everyone have a good time preparing for Valentine's too; with all the LOVE in the air!
I know I will have lots of catching up to do when I am back; reading all your blog posts *winks*

I will enjoy my vacation, and hope you have a great week ahead too!:D

Christy aka Pickyeater


  1. enjoy ur vacation back soon


  2. Happy holiday ya......

  3. Have a nice vacation. Life is good, marriage celebration, new years, Chinese new years, vacation...

  4. Have a wonderful holiday Christy :)

  5. Enjoy your holiday! Looking forward to your updates!

  6. wow!!!! bring back all those beautiful photos.... enjoy your vacation dear!

  7. Happy Holidays; we all need those.

  8. Hi Christ, enjoy your holidays! Shall be waiting for your amazing recipes...

  9. Hope you have a wonderful time away Christy! Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. Safe travels! : )

  10. Have a fun vacation !! Enjoy !

  11. Have a beautiful time....

  12. hi christy, happy vacation... see you soon dear.