Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Khuntai - Thai Food in Raja Uda

Malaysians seem to fancy spicy cuisines and seem to be ardent fans of our neighbouring country's local delicacises; thus spawning the growth of their cuisines and culture among our very own local delights.
Thai food is no stranger to any Malaysian; particularly those who reside up north and I am sure everyone has tasted Thai food either at a small hawker stall or even fancy restaurants.

The enjoyment of the spices is exotic and typically with a conducive environment, makes it an even more memorable experience.
One such environment is found in Raja Uda, Butterworth which was a hidden gem for this restaurant is nestled along a pretty deserted road.
The restaurant provides a very much natural environment with straw and wooden huts and sheds for dining areas in the open and also using the concept of bamboo for the dining tables and chairs.

However, even with its location, it was indeed a surprise to see the number of people flocking to the restaurant even as it was past the normal dinner hours.
The 8 of us found a pretty nice table and with the dreary rain out there, we found it pretty amusing to listen to the rattling of the raindrops against the attap and straw roof.
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Cold weather was just right for hot and spicy food; and we did just that.
Starting off with the popular Thai appetizer; Meng Kam (RM15) which was a rendition of our Malaysian Ulam with more spices and special sauce.
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This version actually used good ol' honey compared to my first attempt in the Bukit Genting restaurant:D
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It tasted pleasant; and sweet:p

How can a Thai meal be complete without Kerabu?
And this was what they ordered; Kerabu Chicken Feet (swaying from the conventional Mango Kerabu).
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Everyone was wondering where was the chicken feet...
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Chee Leng pointed out that the these were the skin of the chicken feet area and not chicken feet:p
(Thank God I don't take chicken feet:p)

This was the next spicy dish; Kangkung Belacan.
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Seriously, to me (who is not good with spicy and hot stuffs), it was really HOT!:P
Lots of cili padi; total numbness of my little tongue:S

Deep Fried Calamari(RM16)
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Crispy; tasted like normal calamari served hot from the wok:)

This was their specialty; Clams (Lala) cooked with their special garlic sauce (RM10)
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The clams were pretty fresh and the broth came clear with a strong whiff of garlic which was used to dispel the strong smell of the clams.
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Steamed fish ala Thai style (RM38)
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The fish was fresh and the broth was a mild version of sweet and sour tomyam soup which won everyone's vote as their favourite dish of the night:)
*Perk: Why is the fish head facing me??:(

Seafood Tomyam (RM30) which came towards the end; and somehow lost its shine as the star of Thai food after all the spicy dishes:p
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Nothing spectacular about the tomyam; or maybe everyone was too numb!:D
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And they decided to order one more side dish; Deep Fried Vegetable (Kangkung)- RM10
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The total bill came up to RM175++ for 8 pax:)
Not a bad place for Thai food and the environment is really nice; that's why I liked it since my first visit:D


  1. din know kangkong can deep fried also... good ?

  2. i love thai style chicken feet alot! is chewy.. hahax tomyam tomyam~ slurp!

  3. i love thai style chicken feet alot! is chewy.. hahax tomyam tomyam~ slurp!

  4. I quite like meng kiam but the leaf had a weird aftertaste :)

  5. I love kerabu chicken feet and fried kangkong, very crispy. I never know there's so much nice restaurant on the mainland, always stuck in the island.

  6. Timothy Low3:00 AM

    Hello ... haven't been visiting much blogger's site lately. Nice article by the way. Your tomyam is making my tummy growl ... it's like .. 7pm, dinner time now !!!!!!

  7. ling, you should try it!! It's unique:D

    yammy, sounds like you're about to head to Thai food soon!!;)

    jason, really? I didn't notice it; hehe...try with more sauce next round!:D

    nicholas, I didn't know myself:D I was recommended by friends staying on the mainland;)

    hey timothy, thanks for dropping by! Go enjoy your dinner...looking fwd to see your dinner posts too..haha:D

  8. I think I'd just want to eat my fill of the calamari and fish.

  9. Anonymous2:18 PM

    U lucky no bones in chicken feet! My first time, no one tell me not eat bones. I comment, "mmm, crunchy." I told no eat bone. Doh! Never have Thai chicken feet, only Chinese chicken feet, not bound!

  10. I love Mieng Kam...never miss them whenever I go to Yellow Light in Penang. Have you been by the way?

  11. Hey, I did went there before last year! The bowl of tomyam was the best ever tomyam I ate so far!
    Those who have yet to try it out, GO NOW AND GIVE THEM A LICK!

  12. never knew kangkung can be deep-fried...interesting...gosh, u just had a complete (almost) dinner...i can imagine the wonderfully tangy and spicy taste of the kerabu, tom yam and fish!

  13. Meng Kam is one of my favourite. Chicken feet kelabu not bad mah.

  14. Hi back,! :)

    Hi Cynthia, yups...these two were really good:D

    king leo...haha, I am not sure how they taste like either as I do not take Chicken nor their feet!:P

    Hi RM, I have been to Yellow Light too!! Check this out

    Hi Alvin, their tomyam was nice, everyone seemed to have about the same dishes on their table!:D

    Hey Nic, much food!! My friends all love eating so much, and ended up in tears and sweat..hehe:D

    celine, Meng Kam is nice isn't it!!:D

  15. I never know there's a nice Thai Food Outlet in Raja Uda... do you have the direction? Road Map?

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  17. Khuntai to be accurate is located at Permatang Tenggah near Raja Uda.

    For those who are equipped with GPS, here's the GPS location (05' 26'43"N 100' 23'13"E). Use Google earth for map.

    Contacts are as below:
    104, Permatang Tenggah, 13000 Butterworth. 04-3327523 (Open 11AM - 12 Midnight)

    If you find Butterworth is not far enough, you may try go further
    6, Jln 5/44, Petaling Garden, Off Jln Gasing, 46000 PJ, Selangor. 03-77817523 (11AM - 3PM, 5PM - 11PM)

    They do have URL as well, check this out

    I do agree the ambiance there is great! Oh by the way, they serves pineapple rice in a pineapple. AND THEY ARE HALAL, strictly NO pork. You may bring your muslim friends along too.

    Christy's blog makes me HUNGRY~ Yummy...

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