Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to my beloved Bro!~

Last week was my brother's birthday and I was happy to be able to be in KL to celebrate with him:)

I arrived in the nick of time to bring my family out for a nice family lunch at The Curve.
I chose Sakae Sushi, knowing my bro's love for Japanese food and how he had always wanted to try Sakae Sushi. (albeit the fact that I already had Sakae Sushi twice in a week for my own birthday celebration:p)
There was a long queue at the outlet when we arrived but we were fortunate to get a table in less than 5 minutes.
The following were the sushi/temaki items bro picked from the belt:)
I am not sure of this name; think it's jellyfish sushi
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This is my fave, and the only thing I eat from the sushi belt:p
The Soft Shell Crab Temaki!
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Mummy liked the Tamago thingy (Egg)
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And this is another Octopus slice
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Baby Octopus
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Eel (Unagi)
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One thing I must mention, the service was really bad was a rather unpleasant experience for us (Unfortunately!) as we waited very long for our Yaki Soba which took 1 HOUR!! And Daddy just cancelled it when it arrived...
You see, we ordered it when we came in and followed up with the waitress who said she will check and NEVER came back.
The 2nd time Daddy asked her, she huffly replied it's in progress.
What kind of service is that? Don't you need to inform your customer on the status of their request? If we didn't ask, do we need to wait forever?

Second thing, if you notice the number of pictures, it was due to the same waitress who told me I was not allowed to take pics of the food! if service is not bad enough! I have always liked Sakae Sushi (Queensbay Mall) and I enjoyed the atmosphere.
Here, I was really disappointed and I agree with Jackson on not allowing people to take pictures of the food!

We called upon the lady captain who brought us our Soba but Daddy just told her that we are cancelling the order.
The lady captain had really great customer service attitude and told us she will cancel the order and even apologized for the unpleasant experience.
Now, that's one thing to save the day!


  1. Ah cheh.... I really don't like people to ask me stop taking pictures. I paid for the food!

  2. Haha... It must be great fun!
    The food looks good.

    Alex's World! -

  3. Anonymous5:15 PM

    That's really poor customer service... I get so jeezed off by it myself. But as you mentioned, there was that service grace. That's the reason she's the lady captain and not the waitress. Sheesh.

    Better luck (better service) next time! :)

  4. I only ate there once and customer service was minimal. I think they need more people to work there. Anyway,I love their Soft Shell Crab yumm!!

  5. Zanmai Sushi ftw! Sakae Suchi wtf!

  6. jason, yeah, that was a BIG bummer!!

    Alex, yup, thankfully my bro did have fun:p

    kennymah, yeah! It was really so sickening...but saved by the grace of the knowing-captain!:D

    waisikmui, i agree....definitely more staff needed!

    simon seow, hahaha.....I shall try Zanmai the next time with my bro!:D