Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Be-earlieth Celebration

A BIG Thank you to all my colleagues who made an effort to remember and organized a be-earlieth celebration with me yesterday!!:D
I am really touched and surprised (since I didn't inform them of my birth date, you see I was the main organizer of all the birthday parties:p)

So I was surprised when one of them asked me out for lunch and I agreed; wondering what's the occasion (I simply didn't believe they will find out so soon...since the birth dates of everyone is compiled by me)
And then, I realized everyone was copied in the invitation and I laughed....haha

Met up with everyone at Sakae Sushi in Queensbay Mall:)
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Somehow they found out about my birthday from someone; a very reliable source (I am still trying to figure out who could it be) and since my birthday this year falls on a public holiday (this Thursday), and we will be in Kulim on Wednesdays, they decided to have the celebration in Penang yesterday:D

I was so happiee.....and as usual, whipping out my cam to snap their pics....
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And Sean said, "How can we let the birthday gal do the job again this round?"
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So I have my own photographer yesterday and only managed to snap some pics of the food (more to come from Sean later:)
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I love the Soft Shell Crab roll!!:D
And the salmon sashimi was awesome too!!:D

My lovely birthday cake!:D
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Though I don't take cakes in general, I am touched and really happy with my first birthday cake of the year....
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I can't wait for my birthday!!!Hehehe......1 more day....(forget about the fact that I am getting 1 year older again:p)


  1. happies bday gal!!! wad a lovely celebration!! =)

  2. happy happy birthday!
    ur bithday on jan too?! hehe, same here.

    must be a nice one celebrate it with frens!