Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ice Ice Baby at AutoCity

During my birthday (again:p), we went over to Juru AutoCity in the afternoon and we found our IceIce Baby Drinks again!!!
So happy to find them here since they moved from Pulau Tikus...
However, we were kinda disappointed with their service...

We ordered this Strawberry thingy which DearDear found interesting (RM5.90)
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Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

And of course my usual favourite, the HoneyDew Smoothie:D
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Then we remembered that we had our loyalty points card which contains stamps upon each purchase of RM15.
Once you have collected 12 stamps, you are entitled to a surprise dessert pick for free!!

The last time, I picked the most expensive item; the Chocolate Fondue.
This time, I eagerly whipped out my card and we asked the employee whether we are entitled for this.
She looked puzzled and walked to the main counter; holding our card.
She showed the guy at the counter who gave us a look and muttered in Hokkien, "What's this" to the earlier lady.
Then he told her that there are only 4 items to choose from the menu; in a rather loud voice..
(What's this, how can you discuss in loud tone in front of your customers???)

And she came back, meekly, telling us we can only choose from the selected 4 items in the menu to redeem...
I was tad disappointed and a little frustrated (but chilled coz it's my birthday:)

Since one of the items was the Strawberry Freeze thingy we ordered; we decided to just take it at that.
However, it left a not-so-good impression on me and I definitely was disappointed after our frequent support.
Also, we had such great service from the staffs in Pulau Tikus and even the lady owner welcomed us with special treatment.

I am truly disappointed with this Autocity branch and sad to say, I may not even consider going back...


  1. I've never been to Auto City before, mom always say want bring me there but turn up say "next time we will go". LOL. Ice2 Baby in Pulau Tikus was not bad, according to my friend. Hehe

  2. The tomyam soup looks so delicious! The spicier it is, the more we love it! Lots of nice Thai food you had! :)

  3. hey Nicholas, no worries, lots of Penangites have never been there either:D
    Yeah, the one in Pulau Tikus had better service but they have shifted to AutoCity and the staffs there are not so friendly:(

    Sugarbean, hehe...wrong post:) But yeah, the thai food were nice...even for a non-spicy gal like me:D

  4. Agreed!!! The staff isn't that friendly. Hmmm, i didn't know they hv closed down Pulau Tikus branch and moved to AutoCity.
    I went there once, ... service was bad.