Monday, October 22, 2007

Sugar Dynasty Desserts

One fine Sunday afternoon, after weeks of restless and sleepless nights and crazy workload, I wanted to have some hot dessert soup and we ended up at the same place, Sugar Dynasty for a hot afternoon chill out:)
My friend ordered this, the Glutinous Black rice dessert
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There's longan in it too!:D
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Somehow I noticed Penangites have a soft spot for this dessert besides red bean and bubur cha cha...wonder why:D

And this was what I ordered; Harsmar with Red Dates, Ginseng and Longan served hot (RM5.90)
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And best part of it, not too sweet!:D


  1. ah, i dunno whr this sugar dynasty place is but every time i go back to penang, i get my tong sui fix fr the hawker stalls. can't get any cheaper than 80sen-RM1 for a bowl of gandum or "bi ko moi" (black glut rice) ;) know why we have a soft spot for black glut rice? cos it's a nyonya thing if i remember correctly, just like gandum :) so cheap la penang tong sui, now u make me wanna go home soon...*sniff sniff*

  2. I like tong shui which are not so sweet too! I think I really should try the tong shui in Penang then! :)

  3. jun, I know exactly what you mean! It's not hard to find tong sui in Penang, they are like everywhere on the streets and hawker stalls around:D Haha....that's what my mum told me about the Nyonya connection, Nyonya kuehs are favorites in Penang too....
    Come home come home...hehehe:D

    sugarbean, yeah, moderation is the key!!:D
    Come come to Penang too (*I am promoting Penang when I actually hail from KL..haha:)

  4. I've been wanting to try this... Unfortunately parking space is a problem.

  5. new kid, I totally agree!!!It's so HARD to get a parking space there:(

  6. Glutinous rice dessert...I miss that!
    The first pix actually looks like a clown, have you noticed it? :p

  7. tigerfish, hahahaha!!! Now that you mentioned, it really does!!:D
    Okies, now I am gonna be so looking out for funny shapes in desserts:p

  8. Hmm...very nice glutinous black rice dessert. Must add a dash of salt to the coconut milk for the best taste.

  9. Hey Celine, Yeah..that's the white form on top of the dessert soup!:D
    But I can't take coconut milk nor the glutinous rice...hehe:p

  10. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Hi all, have to agree that the parking space is difficult.

    However its worth trying especially a nice dessert on a hot day...that soothe all the heat away.

    I've been to this place many times since the opening on 2006.

    Btw, they are having some Mother's day promotion only on may10-11 for their birdnest dessert and other.

    I'll definately take my mum there for the celebration and pamper her with the birdnest dessert.

    Its worth it when the promotion will free u 1 hasma dessert if u bought any 2 birdnest dessert.

    Sound good, i will get the free one.

    Cheers....hope to see all the mummy's daughther there on this week.

    Check it out!