Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chinese Pancake

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I call this the Chinese pancake or pizza:p
The famous Ban Cheng Kueh which differs in both KL and Penang.
This is what Penangites called as Tai Kau Min which is composed mainly of flour texture (thick) while their Ban Cheng Kueh in Penang is the thinner version; something like the Apom.
Anyway, Mum found this new stall in the Kepong market selling this and she was commenting on the abundance of sweet corns they put in it:D


  1. Tai Kau Min normally Ipoh people called it. Penangites called this Man Chang Kiuh. Or rather Cantonese called it Tai Kau Min, and Hokkien called it Man Chang Kiuh. :)
    right ah?

  2. Yalor..but my Mum said Penangites' version of Ban Cheng Kueh is actually the thin one and this thick one is not so preferred in Penang!:p