Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dinner with Jee Mui at Shinjutei

A fortnight ago, my jee mui just decided to go out and just have a night of de-stress ourselves and just chit-chatting:)
We met up at about 6pm near my place and headed off to Pulau Tikus for a Japanese dinner.
This was my second visit to this place in Cantonment Road; Shinjutei Japanese Restaurant.
I only managed to snap a few pics of the food (one of my jee mui was trying to block every single pic I took:p
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Okay, this was the appetizer...some jelly fish salad I think...eeeee:p
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Jelly fish are so not my food!:p

And this is the Soft Shell Crab sushi....
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This was not bad; pretty fragrant and nice:)

Most of my jee mui had bento sets and as everyone was hungry and busy digging in the minute they got their food, I didn't dare to ask to take pics of their food:p
Well, I settled down to take pic of my own food...
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As usual, I always love Salmon Teriyaki!!

The food here is not bad and reasonably priced; compared to all the Japanese food outlets around. This is considered to be in the affordable range:)
We continued chatting after dinner while they enjoyed their chawan mushi and dessert which came with their set:)


  1. Oh I love sushi. I need to find a place in DC with sushi.

  2. I hv never been to this place... is everything nice and good?